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As we were leaving the hospital, Justin and I felt completely different. We were so aware of everything around us, because we knew Samuel was experiencing it for the FIRST time.

His first time being outside (from hospital to car)
First time listening to music (on the drive home) -- Justin questioned starting him out with country music -- but I loved it! :)
Here are a few more firsts that I have pictures to go with.....


Sam and I have had quite the adventures going to and from Salt Lake, living with family. One thing I couldn't quite fit in the suitcase I so wanted to was Sam's bath. He has loved it since it switched from the sponge bath to the real thing. But when we came here without his little bathtub he was more calm and splashed less, I'm not sure why, but just the past two days he has started splashing more than he ever has before. Yeah, Sam is loving his bath time again -- or even more! I'm mainly putting this video on so his dad can see him on Father's Day