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Spouse Flight

Not too long after we were in our house, a spouse flight was scheduled. This is an opportunity for the spouses to get to ride in a C-130J. It was a fun experience riding in the plane that our husbands fly all the time while getting to know other women dealing with the same lifestyle. It would have been fun to have our husbands flying it or riding with us, but I'm not complaining, it was still neat.

Because he does it everyday and I don't see much of the actual flying I tend to forget what an awesome job he has. I see the C130J's flying in formation and then I remember, and think "Wow, my husband flies that!" Justin has worked hard and continues to put in a lot of time and work towards being able to fly the C130J and I'm proud of him. As an Air Force pilot we don't get to see him near enough. It's an adjustment every time he leaves and comes back, but we know that God is guiding our lives and we are learning so much. We definitely have learned to make …

Getting to know the neighbors

When we made our first move, I expected our neighbors to bring us cookies and welcome us to the neighborhood. After this did not happen I began to realize that I was surrounded by people who move all the time. Another spouse mentioned that she made cookies and went and introduced herself to her neighbors. Every move since, I have gone and introduced myself to the neighbors. For some reason, it helps me feel settled when I know my neighbors. Since we had apples on our tree in our backyard, I was excited to make Apple Crisp and took that too them instead of cookies. Sam has many grandparents next door. Across the street lives Maria, north of us lives a couple Klaus and Irma, and to the South of us Irmela. They each speak some English/broken except Irma doesn't speak any. A perfect opportunity to practice what German I do pick up. They are all so sweet.