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Sam's latest adventures

A few other fun days in our lives recently:


 Finished it all with drinking the left over milk, mm mmm good.
Sam sleeps with his binkie and after his nap he got mom to give him another one which he found a way to get it in his mouth too. Made me laugh. He's quite the clever little fellow. He knows what he wants and is figuring out how to get mom and dad to help him get what he wants.
Sam loves reading -- I watched him as he picked out this book, climbed up on the chair and started flipping through the pages. Obviously as parents we love to see this, plus it was just so cute to watch.
You may wonder what in the world this is. We finger painted for our FHE activity except mom did not realize we were out of food coloring so the paint is colored with sprinkles. Didn't do the job quite as good. We'll have to try again. But Sam sure had fun though. Below is our final master pieces, yes we all did one.

Today Sam and I went and fed the ducks and geese at a park and th…


Last week, July 25, 2013, Sam and I had a wonderful adventure to Oklahoma City. We enjoyed visiting with our neighbor Melanie Zambrano all the way down and dropped her off at the airport. After that, we went and grabbed lunch. We first went to Qdoba, but the burrito I ordered was a little too messy and spicy for Sam. Across the parking lot was Chick-Fil-A! We stepped on over there, ordered Sam's very first meal of his own chicken nuggets and fries -- not exactly the healthiest but sure fun. He loved them as you can imagine. We happened to sit next to the play place. Sam was watching all the kids go in and hearing all the screaming going on inside it. We took a break from eating to go explore. He stood like this for a good minute or two. Checking things out, in aw of the crazy and loud fun going on in this colorful room.....

 With my encouragement Sam started to explore.

 I need to expose him to other kids more often, it was quite shocking to him and he let me know when he was done…

Busy month before the BIG Month!

The last month has included Justin's big Nav Check ride, getting our Drop/Dream sheet - due tomorrow, Samuel starting to run, jump and turn around and I've babysat several other kids and taken an online class. Pictures and blogging have been nonexistent.

Justin has been great in helping out as I have had a crazier schedule. What an awesome husband I have. Samuel has been a trooper through it all as usual.

I figured I better post before the big days come -- next we have our Assignment Night, August 2nd and then graduation August 16th. How the year has flown by!

Justin has worked so hard this year. As we have discussed and drafted our drop/dream list, in preparation for our next assignment, our hopes and fears for the future are ever prevalent in our minds. We really had no idea what we were signing up for with the US Air Force.

Whatever happens we will make the best of it and know that God is behind it.

A little update on Sam
He loves when we chase him, and he's found out w…