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Goodbye 3a Hohlstrasse Huetshenhausen, Germany

Out of our house - 3a Hohlstrasse Huetschenhausen, Germany. So many emotions were being felt by us all. Oh how we are so grateful for the memories in this house and will miss it.

And how we will miss our sweet German neighbors 

We did go swimming at the Miseau swimming pool as a last hoorah!
 The kiddos loved having a park in our backyard

 And Ruby continued to be pretty chil and sleep through the nights, which I was so grateful for.

Summer fun before the move

We started saying bye to our friends. Sam and Owen Tracy were best friends. We will miss the Tracy's

 Getting dentist and doctor appointments done in preparation for Sam to start school and cause we know when we move it takes a while to get going on these.
 Last playdates with our good friends the Malan's

Joy School 2016-2017

What a wonderful year it has been. We are so grateful for these friends and things we have learned and experiences we have had with them.

Grandma Barfuss' visit

Grandma Barfuss came to visit and help us with the transition to 3 kiddos. How grateful we were for help as we transitioned and prepared for our upcoming move.

She did get snuggles with the newborn Ruby!
I can't believe I'm a mother of 3.

She even stayed over her birthday. We took her out for Sushi!

 Grandma and I went to the Rhine for a cruise and adventure. It was beautiful. A great last trip before moving back stateside.