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Lenora's first few weeks

Lenora has a birth certificate she can brag about. Being overseas and wanting to travel as soon as possible we (mostly Justin) was all over getting her paperwork done. We had her posing for her passport photo the week after she was born. This is the only onesie we had that didn't have white on it. We had to take a bazillion photos to get one just right.  :)
 Sam and Nora taking a bath together. Nora's first real bath. Sam wanted her in his bath with him. Despite not being able to do some things like that with Lenora right away Sam loves her just the way she is. The bond between these two is special and sweet to watch.

 Lenora joining us for story time.
What a fun and awesome big brother Sam is. We love him so.

Lenora Beth Schmidt's Birth

I put every picture we have of her of her first few days of life and thought I would delete some. But I kept almost every single one. You can't have too many pictures, right? :)

This picture was right after she had nursed. Oh, how wonderful it was to have her on me the instant she came out. Sam had to be wheeled away. Okay, I won't wait until later, here is her birth story:

July 8, 2015 Sam and I went to my doctors appointment where they weighed and measured me. I was not growing like I should and the doctor I met with that day liked to er on the side of caution. He told me to come in later that evening to be hooked up in order to make sure baby girl was doing okay.

That evening, after we ate dinner I left Justin and Sam at home and headed to the hospital. I was hooked up for an hour or so. The doctor there said everything seemed fine but she was small and not putting on more weight so he suggested we induce that night or in the morning. My heart skipped a beat, but without to…