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Happy Easter

Lenora stumbled upon her stroller from the Easter Bunny which sent Sam went on the hunt for his. Sam is ready to ride his bike and take accidents! He's set for swimming, bike riding, jump roping and hula hooping. We celebrated with an Easter Hunt and brunch Saturday with friends at a park. It was beautiful and fun. We also watched the Bible vidoes of the events in Christ's life that lead up to Easter. We are so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ!

Pisa, Florence and Rome in 3 days -- calll us crazy!

After traveling to the states for 6 weeks and having a limited time to travel before a new baby and move we felt the urge to travel it up while we could. The night before we left for Ireland we stayed up really late booking flights and tours for Italy.

We got home Friday from Ireland and left again Monday for Pisa, Italy without kids. The Stevenson's and Malan's watched our kiddos who we missed.

We landed in Pisa about 8pm, picked up our rental car and decided to go see the leaning tower before heading towards Florence to check into our hotel.

While we saw the tour and grabbed dinner our car window was broken into and everything was stolen. Our luggage, passports, and my purse. It was an awful way to start the trip. I felt violated. It was my first experience living with what was on my back. We did have our Ipad, phones and jackets luckily.

We spent that night at a beautiful hotel in Tuscany!! Sad to head off so quickly to the United States Consulate to get new passports.



We had planned this trip to Ireland with our good friends the Tracy's before we went to Utah. What a fabulous trip it was.
 We were off, after paying 50 euros for Justin's not checked in ticket and a lot of sweating.

WE checked in that night and went out and grabbed dinner in downtown Killarney.

The next day we got up and out the door by 9am to drive the Ring of Kerry.

Saw some incredibly beautiful country!

Stopped at a beach to play with.
 Hiked up to see cliffs -- the Kerry Cliffs
Yes, Sam found rocks!

It was a successful day of driving and sight seeing. The kids did great. We were ready for a little action for the next day.

The next day we headed off again 9am to the Dingle Peninsula!

Our first stop was at a farm where the farmer demonstrated how him and his sheep dogs guided the sheep. They also let us pet baby lambs. Twins, one black and one white from the same mommy and daddy.