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Schmidt Dance Party

Today we had time to relax and have fun after the first week of UPT.

We ate whole wheat oat banana pancakes for breakfast, which were delicious. I ran up town for a bit, Justin went to volleyball practice, we got our new modem and router working and then had lunch. Justin and I played a random but fun hand slapping game while Sam was sleeping. I won and pretty much tackled Justin with excitement because of my rare victory. We then had a Schmidt style dance party!

Since graduating/having more time Justin and I have finally used some of our stuff we have kept for a long time but hadn't used. The speakers I picked up from the school I student taught at and Justin's I pod helped bring to pass this Schmidt dance party. Sam didn't know what to think about the dance at first, but we found a few dance moves that made him laugh.

Now we're talking about going out for ice cream, furniture shopping, or swimming. We'll see which one wins out. I love spontaneous days with my fam…

UPT Officially Begins

Today is the day when Justin actually started UPT. The other stuff was all in preparation. His day started out with the PT test at 6am. He was able to come home until about 10 and then was gone until 4:30, not quite 12 hours yet. I'm so glad they are breaking us in slowly. Although, besides eating dinner and playing his volleyball game tonight, he has had his nose in the books.
Here's a little picture of the stack he brought home last week -- I'm pretty sure most of this he will go through in these first 6 weeks of academics.

People have been asking me what I will do while he is busy for 12+ hours which has given me reason to think about it. I hope to first be the best wife and mom I can be, and then I hope to work on my piano skills and possibly learn Spanish. Justin is the Spanish Sunday school teacher, so that will help motivate me and give me exposure to Spanish once a week.

We have thoroughly enjoyed casual status. But this is why we came to Oklahoma and we are ready …

Michelin Man!

These past three weeks Justin has been on casual status, meaning he has few responsibilities and can spend lots of time with Sam and I. On one of our outings, we had dinner with our friends Justin and Jessica Robins. While there, Jessica called Sam "Michelin Man", we laughed then and after, thinking it fit Sam just right. He has put on quite the weight. When his arms are up in the flexing position he has little rolls of fat that I think look like big muscles for a boy his age. As of July 9th, Sam weighs 16.2 lbs. He has tripled his birth weight in 3.5 months. All the more to love! Lately I just can't get enough pictures of our little guy, even if pictures don't quite do him and his smile justice. We love and tend to smother our Michelin Man with hugs and kisses often.  But he doesn't seem to mind.


While scanning through out blog I realized I have not put up anything about our move to Oklahoma! Not having internet for a while sent me for a loop.  So here is a bit of a tribute to Oklahoma our new hometown along with how we got here!

We left Logan May 6, went to the Barfuss' for dinner and to drop off the moving truck, then stayed the night in Salt Lake with the Schmidts. This gave us an opportunity to say our goodbyes. Although I knew I was coming back in three weeks. Good thing, or else there would have been many more tears.

My dad and Grandpa Jess drove the moving truck, while Justin, Sam and I rode in Lucy, our white honda accord. Sam was an amazing traveler, even if he slept most of the time. Justin, Sam and I stopped every three hours to feed Sam, trying to hit it at the same time we stopped for lunch and for the night. The trip took us three days and two nights. We arrived in Enid, Oklahoma May 9, 2012! As we drove into Oklahoma Justin let out an excited holler that sca…

A happy reuinion!

After being apart for 26 days we were reunited at the Salt Lake City Airport Friday, June 22! It was sure good to see Justin, who was also excited to see me and Samuel. Family is what makes the world go round. Life would seem rather empty without family.

Justin had applied for leave and so we had 4 days with the family and friends in Utah!

We met up with the Fleshman's in Logan for a minute, attended Sherstin's reception and had a night together at the Barfuss' house. We then met them up camping for a dynamite breakfast!

We then left for Salt Lake. We enjoyed a family party at Ryan and Anna's house Sunday. Monday we went to the Kennecott Copper Mine with the Schmidts and Tuesday we met up with our friends Dan and Megan.

We are truly blessed to have such amazing family who love and support us in all we do and are great examples for us. We love them all!!
We are also grateful for the many friendships we have and for the fun we have had with them as well as their example…

June in Utah

For the month of June while Justin was waking up at 3 in the morning, attending classes and learning how to fly at IFS, Sam and I took time with the family back in Utah.

Calendar of events for Sam and I in June:
May 28- June 2: Fly to Utah, spent Monday and Tuesday in Salt Lake with Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt, went to Tremonton for the rest of the week. - Kaylee's baby shower Saturday and Skyped with Justin Saturday!
June 3- 9: Tremonton til Wednesday, then to Mesquite and Tuacahn Theaters
June 10 - 11: Salt Lake with Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt and attended Robert and Steph's Family Home Evening
June 12 - 21: Back in Tremonton with Grandma and Grandpa Barfuss
 Friday June 22 - Picked up Justin (Dad) from the Airport

Here are a few pictures to tell a bit of what we did - didn't take near enough.

Grandma Schmidt took lots of pictures when we were there, I just need to get a few from her. Sam and I enjoyed our time there too.