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The Easter bunny left us some fun baskets in Arkansas. Sam didn't quite understand the whole find a basket thing. Justin and I tried to demonstrate, but Sam still didn't look very long before giving up. We eventually helped him find it.

 Dad and Sam tested out all the fun things in his basket!

Sam was fascinated with the Easter bunny this year. He would have just followed them around if we would have let him. :)

St Patrick's Day

Yes we celebrated St. Patrick's even if it wasn't breakfast. I was a little slow on planning it but we had our fun with green balloons and a green dinner. The best part was that I got to pinch Justin for not wearing green!

Justin was more bothered by the green than Sam. Sam thought it was fun. :)

Fun in Arkansas

Building towers has been a favorite activity of Sam's and he likes to take pictures of them. :)
 While Jett and Eden's baby sister was being born they got to come and play with us. We had a great time! Jett and Eden have been great friends.
 Caught red handed! I mean in red shoes. Ha ha, yes even Sam thinks the red high heels are fun.
 We decided to camp inside the house and Ana Zilinski(our neighbor and good friend) joined us.