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Think to Thank

What a wonderful time of year! At the beginning of November I told Justin that I was feeling quite grateful, which to be honest, in past years I often found myself feeling guilty closer to the actual Thanksgiving day because I had hardly given much thought to the holiday all month. It's interesting how pride can sure twist things. I forgot to be thankful for the next few days after that. I came back around, but didn't quite get this post up before Thanksgiving. As we enjoy our Friday after Thanksgiving I can't help but be so grateful for everything we have.Here a just a few things I want to specifically mention.

1.  I especially am grateful for the peace and joy that comes from the knowledge we have of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Who we are, where we came from and why we are here. Big changes along with unknowns are on the horizon for Justin, but because of the foundation we have in the gospel I can look forward with excitement and know that whatever happens, it will be o…

Go Aggies!

For all those years I was a convenient fan for the current school I was attending, I am making up for it now! This weekend we attended the BYU v USU Basketball game and the San Jose vs USU Football game. Before married life, basketball games caught my interest once in a while and football games, ugh not even a temptation, except for the big ones, and those I could only talk myself into maybe half of the game. But, this weekend I proved that I can be a dedicated fan too! Now keep in mind I did not say a hard-core fan. :)
Friday after work at 4pm I stood in line for basketball tickets until they let us in around 6pm, the game did not  even  start until 7PM! I have NEVER waited in lines to get into a sporting event, let alone for 3 hours. Oh how married life has changed me. Ha ha, Actually I think part of the reason why I was so willing to do this, is because our life as students is slowly fading. Technically I am no longer a student, but with the spouses card I can still enjoy a few st…

Happy Halloween

October 23rd we had the annual Grandpa Jess Birthday Party get together! I felt like it had been forever since the Daniels family had been together.  Not enough catching up happened for me, but it was sure fun to be around family and carve pumpkins. It helped me start to get into the Halloween spirit. Bummer that I did not take pictures at the party. But these pumpkins made me smile each day I saw them on our porch.

Halloween was so much fun when you were a kid, but as I have aged the holiday has lost it's excitement. For Halloween this year we happened to be in Salt Lake with the Schmidts. Justin was presenting his IHC idea and I had the day to myself. The Schmidt family gathered at the pumpkin patch for pictures before the night of trick or treating would begin. Those kids steal my heart more and more. Their costumes had me laughing and wishing I had dressed up. Laura and Steph dressed up fun with their kids and I lamely claimed I dressed as a student, ha.We sisters borrowed t…

We're Pregnant!

It's official, I have gained 15 pounds, and feel a little 7 inch, 10.5 ounce body kicking and moving around inside of me. We are going to have a little Justin and Melissa combination boy March 25, 2012! I am now 19 weeks and 6 days along. Saturday, October 29th, three days after experiencing the Ultra-sound, Justin and I were at our usual spot, studying at the dining table, when I felt a definite kick in the lower abdomen. "I think I just felt him kick" I told Justin. But later, I questioned myself. Sunday night we laid down to go to bed and I felt him again and this time put Justin's hand over the spot where he felt him kick too.My gut feeling was confirmed!  This last week has been fun as I have come to better recognize his movements. He has moved up in my uterus at times which feels quite a bit different. The ultra-sound technician commented on the active boy he was and now I'm feeling him more and more. I told Justin recently "We're just kids! It…

Goal Accomplished!

This summer I really wanted to get some canning experience in. My mom taught me well while growing up that canning can be fun, but quite the project. Although, before wanting to do it on my own, I could care less about how the whole process works. All thanks to friends and family who let me tag along. I really did learn how to can and have food in my cupboards and freezer to prove it. The test came when my dad and I canned peaches and pears. This time I came with how the process should go. We did it, with only one shattered bottle -- ha ha. Thanks dad for the great day canning! Haven't tasted them yet, so I hope they turned out. :)

Fall Outings!

At the beginning of the semester, even with Justin's busy schedule, because he prioritizes his time so well and likes to have fun we were able to have some great weekends. Yes, I'm playing catch up.

1. Sept 10-11 Mountian Biking with Jason and Natalie Pemberton and our two new friends -
We enjoyed s'mores around the campfire, a night in the tent and then mountain biking in the morning. Thanks to Jason's SUV ride up the mountain, my first experience with Mountain Biking was all downhill!! Thank goodness. I enjoyed it, even if I was tense with my hands on the brakes the whole way down. Justin told me I shouldn't be relaxed while mountain biking. I don't know if that made me feel better or not. :)

2. Sept. 23-24 Canoeing with Bryce and Kaylee -
Justin and I have been wanting to go canoeing since last year and could not pass it up with the $20 student discount at the ORP. I was in charge of the planning..... that could be scary. Bryce and Kaylee agreed to a Friday a…

Our 1st Anniversary!

About a week before our anniversary Justin asked if I would like to be a part in the planning. Without hesitation I said,  "Nope, I'll plan it next year". So, on our anniversary I picked Justin up at Hill Air Force Base and we headed South. I couldn't believe it when Justin took the Price/Manti Exit - okay, so I had a hunch. I have on more than one occasion told Justin I needed to take him to Ephraim to show and tell him about the 2 years I spent down there. They were hugely formative for me, kind of like his mission was for him. We traveled to Peru already, so I guess it was my turn. What a sweetie! Oh wait, we took a little detour in Spring City -- oops, Bed and Breakfast not there, --- then to Ephraim. The W. Pherson Bed and Breakfast was an historic home full of antiques, quite a fun house to stay in and we had the house to ourselves!

Friday evening: We ate pizza in Layton before we left, checked in and broke into our cake as an afternoon snack, I took Justin on …

We ride in style!

Justin and I made our first major purchase as a married couple just two weeks ago! We decided buying a motorcycle would for sure save us on gas, time, and therefore money! It was a logical decision right? Ha ha, don't let us fool you. Justin has wanted a motorcycle since he was in high school and I have to say I love hanging on to the one I love for a joy ride at dusk. I love feeling the crisp summer air as the sun is setting --- oh ya, one of my favorites! So, yes, we bought the motorcycle for fun!

I made sure to have insurance started and driving test arranged for when Justin got back into Logan. He took the test first thing and then, we headed to the DI for some kind of helmets. (yep, still penny pinchers)

What can we say, we ride in style and love it!

Ardith - Our wonderful home owner and  friend for the summer in Vernal.  Thank you Ardith for a great summer!

Bye Vernal, Hello again Logan

Just two weekends ago we were catching up with Justin's old roommates in Logan. After learning that I had not found a job one of his roommates asked what I was up to. Without hesitation I said, "I do whatever I want to do". It sounds a bit selfish as I write it now, but it was proof to myself that I had overcome my negative attitude. At the beginning of the summer I really struggled with a completely open schedule. After going to school and working I had been looking forward to the day I could stop and ask myself "What do I want to do today", but when this day came along with 3 months to follow I was wishing I had a job, classes, or something to fill up my time, or make the decisions for me.
As with most experiences in life, my attitude was a roller-coaster. Some days I woke up ready to entertain myself and other days I fought for self motivation.
In the last month I decided to ask the question, what does Heavenly Father want me to learn from this experience? …

We Multiplied! - 6 kids!

As me and six kids filed into church Sunday, one ward member said, "Wow, You guys multiply quick!" We sure did - at least for this weekend. Six nieces and nephews agreed to join us for a weekend in Logan! Yipee!

I will mention just a few happenings that made Justin and I laugh: After Michael saw our backyard (about 2 feet in width) he asked, "Are you guys poor?"About 2 hours after meat and cheese sandwiches for lunch a couple kids said they were hungry, so we pulled out the PB and J. :) 8 am Sunday morning Justin and I wake up to whispers and giggling coming from the foot of our bed. We pretend we are asleep, until Raegan and Elsie tickle and doggy pile us out of bed. Me and the kids loved doing the salt art work, and Justin finally joined. We all had dark colors on our fingers when Justin was the first to wash his hands. "Um, this doesn't come off" He was right, our first hand washing did not take off the dark colors on our fingers. "Oh well, …

hot summer sun + cool water + family = a Blast!

July 22-25, 2011 I have admitted to Justin that I LOVE boating, practically as much as he loves mountain biking! It is a summer favorite!
Thanks to the Barfuss family and my dad and brothers for keeping the boat running we have been able to boat quite a bit this summer.
One of those times was July 24th weekend. The Barfuss family decided to take advantage of Justin and I living in Vernal by planning a weekend to explore and boat on Flaming Gorge. None of us had ever been before.
What a beautiful place! It was perfect. Cool temperatures at our camp in Deep Creek at night, smooth water and hot temperatures down at the Gorge during the day, and gorgeous scenery wherever we went.
The vote is to return to Flaming Gorge each year! I hope we can also visit the good people we met here in Vernal as well.
Here are a few pictures: boating, the dam, wake boarding, and a sweet rope swing we found!

Schmidt's and Bear Lake! - July 14th

14 adults + 16 kids = 4 hours to eat breakfast and arrive on North beach when we're only 15 minutes away and a ton of fun!

Even if it did take us a bit of time to get from one destination to another, the trip was fantastic! We ate great food at every meal, had a fabulous Friday on the beach with wave-runners, sand, water toys, snacks, and lots of fun people, then finished the camp out with a bike ride and raspberry shakes! - What more could we ask for?!
Check out those cute little girls, and that very attractive beach babe!

Summer Reflection

Being jobless and in a town where I do not know very many people there have been a few self pity parties. For the past 7 or so years I have had a schedule to keep. This summer is very different. I have not gone as crazy as I would have predicted but it has been an adjustment - This is why journals are so good for me - As I reflect on my experiences, and account for my life I often can see God's hand ever present. He helps me see my many blessings. I feel so ashamed for having pitied so. What a wonderful summer it has already been. We are so blessed! I am rejuvenated. People have done so much for us and God has blessed us so much, I hope I can give back.

I will remember my camera, I will remember my camera,,

The Barfuss Campout for the 4th was wonderful with great food, family and fun, mostly fantastic family!!
Richard and Jo Schmidt came down to check out Vernal and found it quite nice. We took a great tour of the Flaming Gorge Dam -- cool stuff!

Both times I forgot my camera and therefore there are no pictures. :( -- I will remember my Camera

The Boy Scout Adventure -baby bum smooth feet

I learned what it was like to be a boyscout and I happened to quite enjoy it.
We planned to bike up to Oaks Park Reservoir and about 2 miles in we came to a washed away bridge. I was thinking that we would just have to turn around. This thought had not crossed Justin's mind. To keep this short and concise the adventure went something like this:

Scout out and discuss possible options
Climb side of mountain
push fallen over tree into river
it broke and got stuck
push a bigger fallen tree into the river
it made it!
carry/drag branch across the river to best crossing area - took a long time!
Justin bravely crossed first
Find another stick to make bridge wide enough for Melissa to cross
threw in river
floated to other bridge
wedged into place
Melissa crossed!!
Justin brought one bike over
Melissa was in middle of bridge to steady and offer support
the process was repeated

This whole adventure took about 2 1/2 hours and we had scrapes up and down our arms along with soaked feet, but …

The First Annual Justin and Melissa Schmidt Family Campout

Ask Justin, I go a little crazy when we talk about going camping! I love it! Justin's passion is mountain biking and mine is camping/boating!! We combined the two and it turned into the best Justin and Melissa Schmidt Campout yet! Check out our very own Justin and Melissa Schmidt tent.
Stay tuned....I will post pictures and a description of our river delay/boy scout adventure on the bike ride.

Demolition Crew!

In all my imaginations of what I would do this summer I did not see myself working along side two sisters over the age of 74 demolishing and rebuilding a basement! The leader of it all is Janice niece and daughter of the crew. She is remodeling her whole house and is incredible to take on such a project. I admire her. This picture was of the first day eating lunch after a good morning job. Today was my second day. I had fun ripping everything off the walls and measuring and putting up Sheetrock. I do my best to stay up with these ladies, they are tough girls! I have learned a lot and sure enjoy their company.

Bike Boo Boo

Justin received a surprise Mountain Bike for his birthday and it has renewed his passion! We go on bike rides often. Justin's experience of biking in the city and alot was completely  different than mine on dirt roads/sidewalkless streets in Tremonton. This will help explain what happened. :) We were riding back from our trip to the computer lab, and Justin challenged me to try hopping the curb (something I should have learned a long time ago, but because of my quick thinking abilities I have always found ways to avoid them so far). So I took on the challenge, Justin coached me really well and I went for it. He had assured me I couldn't crash (at least that's what I had told myself). I was taking it nice and slow. I popped my tire up but it came down in the only place that could send me over the handle bars, right in front of the curb! Ha ha, I can laugh at it now, but it was a little traumatizing for me. :) Justin felt really bad and took good care of my wounds. I have a…

New Camera!

Yes, we did get a new camera and look what it can do!
So I thought I had lost our brand new camera last weekend on our engagement anniversary hike up the Wellsvilles, when really I simply had forgotten where I put it. How grateful I was when we found it even if we did not get any pictures of the trip :( The Lord truly does watch over us.

My Garden Dream Came True!

Our first day in Vernal was a Thursday, we moved into Ardith Atwood's home the following Monday and it did not take me long to notice her large, already growing garden! Because of my hope and dream to plant a garden this summer had not yet come true, I was so grateful and excited to see her garden. I then only hoped she would let me help. She did! She is so kind and good to us. I don't know how we lucked out so much to be living with her. Here is a picture of the Spinach I helped her plant in the first few days we were there. (the rest was planted)

Vernal Utah

So, our camera died about 4 days before we came home from Peru, but my parents were so kind to give us one for my graduation. I missed not having a camera. It is a beauty - blue Sony something. :)

While in Peru, an internship opportunity in Vernal Utah came Justin's way, so he applied. We first traveled here two weeks ago tomorrow - June 2.
The people here are so welcoming. We feel a part of the community already and had our first hiking adventure last Saturday.
As with any new job, Justin was a bit overwhelmed, but it keeps getting better. As for me, I have been job hunting for quite some time with little success. "We just hired last week" is the phrase of the week! I was just too late. I do have an interview next Tuesday and hope it will go somewhere. As for now I am getting caught up on some good reading, uncompleted projects, as well as getting to know our apartment owner Ardith Atwood. She was so kind to open her home to us. I have followed her around learning a l…


If you couldn't tell I am really behind! It has been more than a month and so much has happened. I graduated! Then we packed twice. Once for PERU and once, well actually every other weekend, for Vernal Utah. I'll start with PERU!

What an amazing experience it was! I will have to put all the pics on Facebook. I told Justin on our long flight back that every American should take a trip like that. What a beautiful country Peru is and what wonderful people live there, but I am grateful to live in America.
This wonderful gentleman portrays the attitude of the members in Peru. They are so happy and so willing to give the shirt off their back for anyone. Justin here is doing dishes after they just fed us a wonderful breakfast before church. He's a great dish doer!
About one week in I started developing a list of things I would never take for granted when I returned to the states, I'll include as many as I can remember:
FREE and accessible public restrooms w/ toilet paper …

Experimental delicious dinner - Justin says my best one yet!!

Okay, so it looked better on the camera screen and it tasted better than it looks. Ha ha, it is my very own chicken ranch pita sandwich. I looked up a pita recipe to see if I could use our leftover pizza dough to make pita bread, yep it worked. Then I looked up pita sandwich recipes. I found the chicken ranch and adjusted it to what we had. :) Justin said this is my best "made up" recipe yet. Yes, I tend to experiment quite often with our meals and Justin is good to eat it every time. :)
Justin and I have thoroughly enjoyed the extra time this week. I can't believe it is only Tuesday! We still have more than half the week -- and then PERU!! Woot Woot!

April -- Practically Summer!

We couldn't wait for the weather to test out our new tent! -- yes it is in our living room! Ha ha. No we did not sleep in it, the comfort of our bed was too much to pass up, but we set it up and tested it out for a nap. :)

Other things we have done lately in the warmer weather that I have missed taking pictures of are ....
BBQ's!! Justin and I have had a couple BBQs with friends, yes, even in the rainy weather. Fun times and you definitely can't go wrong with burgers and hot dogs.
Golfing - Justin found free golf lessons in Smithfield - so yes, I now know what a mulligan, par, and bogey is or refers to. I am just all golf edumacated now -- and you know it's pretty fun. We did get a free bucket of balls to go back, so hopefully we will go soon before I forget what I learned. :)
Air Force Dining Out! -- the picture -- oh that -- DANG it! We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Sherwood Hills among Veterans and fellow Air Force Cadets and Cadres. It was fun to dress up like a pr…

Sundays - my testimony

I love Sundays, especially fast Sundays. They rejuvenate me! I am so grateful for our ward, the good examples they all are to me. Several times during sacrament meeting I wanted to share my testimony about so much, but was feeling and learning so much more from others that I did not get up and bear mine, but I would like to now. Sunday School was about how Christ is the "Bread of life". He truly is! In sacrament meeting so many bore their testimony on how when we put Christ in our lives, our lives are so filled with love and happiness. I thought it interesting how many of Christ's disciples left after Christ spoke so much about Him being the bread of life. I think they accepted Him as a prophet, or holy man, but they did not accept Him as Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind. I think often we accept Christ as a good thing or as spoken of in "Believing Christ", we believe in Christ but sometimes do not believe Christ. I know Christ lives -- He came to …


This last week has been SPRING BREAK for me. I have enjoyed it but I am excited to go back to teaching. I realized that I just might miss the kids when I get done. Student teaching has had its ups and downs, but overall I have really enjoyed it. Thank you cooperating teacher for being so supportive and helpful. They have been wonderful.

I will return to teach the students for 2 1/2 weeks is all, then ..... dun, dun, dun GRADUATION! Now I just hope to land a good teaching job.
Things I have done during the break cleaned the apartment worked at GEAR UPstarted planning our trip to PERU!! - got some mean shots -worked out! Haven't done that in a while - want to keep goingread a good book "Teaching with Love and Logic" - still have 200pgs to goApplied for teaching jobs! -- what a projectSpent lots of time with Justin, even if it was just being by him while he studiedsent my little missionary bro some cookies!Enjoyed productive scripture study - need to continue!tried some ne…

Pilot School

Check out the handsome pilot! Woo Wee! Yes, this is Justin in his Pilot suit with his proud parents and wife.
Such a sharp and attractive man he is, and he's all mine! Justin has been accepted into flight school as long as he passes his 4 day physical this summer. :)
What does this mean for us? After he graduates next spring - 2012 - we will be moving to Mississippi, Texas, or Oklahoma. What's your vote? - we will be able to put in our preferences in the next month or two.