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15 Days ended - Home Sweet Home!

The 15 Days have ended but not without some good night study sessions. This was the biggest one, before the most failed test. Not much has changed for me with the 15 days, Justin will still be there for about 12 hours, but Justin does not have to memorize as much and doesn't have the extra pressure of 'stand up' each morning. We made it through the hardest part of training! Well, actually as we have neared the end of it we are now finding out that the rest of training is pretty much the same. Ha ha, but onward we go.

This last week or so I have come to realize that I call here home. It really does feel like home to me. I have established wonderful friendships in a rather short period of time and have been so grateful for the kindness of everyone. One day Sam was so ready for his afternoon nap and was crying pretty hard in the grocery store. So many people expressed sympathy and then a nice woman came over and took my cart back to the rack when I had finished emptying my g…

What have we been doing?

Have I forgotten my blog? -- yes! Life has been a good busy and lots of fun. I haven't taken near enough photos either.
Here's a quick catch up and then a few photos to follow.

Justin is still on "formal release" which means he stays at his classroom for 12 hours each day, but tomorrow is the end of the 15 days. What does that mean? That's what I've been asking. Justin should be relieved of having to memorize as much and will not have "Stand up" every morning, only once a week. "Stand up" is where the IP (instructor Pilots) gives each student a chance to answer a question, usually a warning or caution that needs to be said word for word, if they get it right they sit down, if not they stay standing until they get something right. You don't want to be the last one standing. Justin was teaching Sam how to shoot a basketball on the ground. Sam was all ears -- I just couldn't find the camera - DANG IT!  So cute. Justin is a wonderful h…

Celebrating TWO years!

On September 2 of this year we have officially been husband and wife for 2 years! Most of the time I think it has been a lot longer than two years - but in an extremely good way.  After two years together I can't imagine life without Justin. I share everything with him and have even worked up to telling him all of my opinions, even those that I would have a hard time sharing with others. I think back on our wedding day - how much I thought I loved Justin then. This sounds so cliche, but our love has definitely deepened and gets that much better as we spend time and effort working at our marriage. Just like any relationship, a marriage takes work and with that effort our relationship gets that much better. This makes it sound like we never argue ha ha - we definitely have our disagreements and days we drive each other a little crazy but that's pretty rare. The rest of the time we enjoy being together. To help celebrate and remember our past two years, here is a list I came up w…

End of Summer days!

I have been busy doing I'm not sure exactly what but here are a few photos I captured these past few weeks. Enjoy!

We had some great weather, storms with cold fronts -so Sam and I enjoyed the weather. He is totally an outside boy. I cannot remember a time he has fussed outside - mmm, okay maybe once.

I couldn't resist not taking this picture. All those rolls. He is so interested in his surroundings now. He is holding one of the pictures he pulled off the wall while his dad was getting him ready for bed. 
 Sam's sporting his dad's uniform (okay just the hat)
 Sam loved a package sent to us from Grandma and Grandpa Barfuss -- it was full of delicious treats - labeled camping package. With no mountains and pushing 100 degree weather, camping during the summer just doesn't sound all that appealing. Thanks mom for thinking of us.

The celebration of 2 years! Justin and I tied the knot two years ago September 2. Wow!