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Moving to Arkansas

We were both fine staying in Enid for a while, but were given orders to be gone before the end of October. So, we started dejunking, cleaning, and playing with all our friends as much as we could.

We have truly enjoyed Enid, Oklahoma because of the people we have been able to get to know.

Here are some photos to show the process and fun!

 Our bedroom BEFORE the packers came:

Same bedroom AFTER the truck took our stuff:

 And yes, Sam watched "The Little Rascals" while we finished packing and cleaning . I thought he looked so darn cute! Even if his eyes were glued to the computer screen. Poor kid, he has no idea what's going to happen despite our efforts to explain it to him.
During our last week, friends were so kind to offer babysitting and to feed and entertain us. We are very blessed to have such good friends.

Crystal Digging in Jet, Oklahoma - September 2013

When we found out how soon we would be leaving Oklahoma I went into panic mode -- we haven't done near enough! When you move around a lot you do want to make sure you make the most of your time wherever you are.

One of the activities we ended up doing was going Salt Crystal Digging. The salt flats were 45 minutes from our home in Jet, Oklahoma.

Instantly the book/movie "Holes" came to my mind when we got there. Sam loved it -- wide open spaces with holes, dirt, and water.

It was a quick visit, we did find 4 salt crystals. We returned within the next month with our friends the Zambranos and found tons of salt crystals! Going after the rain works out really well.

Vacation to Utah

After graduation we celebrated by making a trip to Utah in order to visit family. This was after we received our predicted dates. We started by driving down to Dallas, TX to explore since we hadn't been there. We got to see the JFK memorial, which was really neat. I had forgotten that that was where President JFK was assassinated. We stayed at a hotel and hit the airport in the morning.

 We stayed just a few days at the Schmidts then headed up camping with the Barfuss'. As you can imagine Sam loved camping! We all got to meet the newest member of the family - Lucie!
 Sam fell in love with the tractor!

 We got to visit Grandma and Grandpa's new place!

 Sam was entertained for hours with the puddles and rocks

Justin and I were also able to get away for a night to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. Wow! Time flies and yet it seems we've been married for longer than that -- in a good way. We stayed at the University Inn going back to the college days that seem so long ago. Wh…

Graduation - Congrats to JUSPT Class 13-13

Wow! We did it! Justin made it through "the most intense year of his life" and I have only begun to understand the life of a military spouse. :) My hat goes off to my hubby. He has worked so hard! And through it all he has been an excellent husband and father to boot. He handled the stress like a champ. I love him sooo much! I am truly a lucky lady. This year has definitely stretched all of us but we are better for it.

 Thank you Richard and Jo for coming to celebrate with us!

What's next?

On Friday, August 2, 2013 we arrived at the Vance Collocated Club to find out where we will be living and what Justin will be flying for the next 3 - 6 years of our lives. Not a big deal right?
The nerves got to me dang it! How do you prepare yourself for a night like this? The last time we had done this (track select) it had been a discouraging experience for us both.

Justin went and stood at the front, and 3 airplanes appeared on the slide. The KC 10 dropped, it was between instructing T-1s here at Vance (our 10th choice) or C130 in Germany (our 1st choice)! Yikes, my heart was pounding. .
Finally the T-1 dropped and yes -- the map of Germany came up!

We are going to Germany -- true we won't be there until next June but that's where we are headed. It's nice to know what we will be doing for more than a year. We can really settle down for 3 years. :)
This year has been a melting pot. Okay, not sure what word to use to describe our year of moving 18 hours away from fami…

Boys will be boys

Sam and Leo found it fun to throw the dirt from our flower beds on our cement pad in the front. I just didn't have the heart to stop them today even if it was getting quite messy. :) I let them be boys!

 Hopefully I'll add the video soon.