Our Travels

Justin and I hope to travel the world and I believe the AirForce is going to help us do a good chunk of that. I wanted a simple and fun way to keep track of our travels and found this map to do the trick! Oh how I do love maps! (hope you don't mind my stealing your idea Sarah B.)

Blue = Where we have traveled
Red = Where we have lived
Green = Where we want to go

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Where we have been:
New York - July 2006 - After knowing each other we found out that our families made a trip to New York at the same time! We both saw the Palmyra Pageant --- crazy eh -- so I counted this as our travels together.  Is that cheating? :)

Hawaii -  March 2010 - While dating, we splurged with other college friends on a trip to Hawaii - wow! What an adventure, flight round trip $300, less than $10 bucks a night in a condo packed with over 40 college students, shared rent on a topless jeep, and had fun snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and going to the beaches, Polynesian Culture center, and snorkeling. It was a pretty good test on our relationship. We booked the ticket shortly after we started dating -- so I was sure glad we were still dating when Spring Break came.

Idaho - September 2010 - We went on our Honeymoon to Island Park at my Aunt's cozy cabin. It was beautiful in September. We enjoyed four-wheeling, Yellowstone, and relaxing with no more wedding plans. 

California - December 2010 - Traveled to San Diego with the Schmidt's during our first Christmas Break together - Dec 2010. Stayed at Uncle David and Aunt Donna. We went to SeaWorld, USS Midway Museum, the Mormon Battalion Museum, and Old San Diego. 

Nevada - December 2010 On our San Diego trip we traveled through Nevada and did pass over and stopped at the wonder of the world Hoover Dam.

Peru - May 2011 - We celebrated my graduation by traveling back to Justin's mission in Peru. And boy did we travel! We went from sea level to 15,000 feet in elevation, took several bus and taxi rides to each area Justin served in. I sure enjoyed watching him almost back in the missionary mode strengthening the members. We were asked to bear our testimonies both Sundays we were there, with Justin translating mine. :) I only wish that I knew Spanish.

Where we have lived:
Utah - Logan - 2010-2012: Vernal - Summer 2011

Oklahoma - May 2012 - October 2013: We are currently living in Oklahoma, Vance AFB! Pilot training. We like the wildlife that we see everyday. We have Timmy and Tommy (squirrels) in the tree of our backyard, and see Blue Jays frequently as well as beautiful butterflies. So far so good. We like it here in Enid, OK.

Arkansas - Jacksonville Little Rock AFB -  October 2013 -  May 2014: We moved to Arkansas for Justin's training on the C130J. We love the trees, hills and being so much closer to a bigger city with an airport. We are in quite a large home for our small family, which it has been nice to have the extra space, we're getting spoiled before going to Europe where we here space is limited. The base is much bigger than Vance, but we do miss the people!

Temples we have attended:
Logan - married September 2010
Ogden - January 2011
Jordan River - Spring 2011
Vernal - summer 2011
St. George - New Years 2012
Salt Lake - December 2011,
Brigham City - February 2013 with Craig
Lima - May 2011
Oklahoma City May 2012
Memphis - November 2013


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