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Tabernacle Choir in Frankfurt

Justin's totally awesome cousin Jennifer Dotson is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and she came on tour with them to Europe. We had to go see her in concert! We invited Brian and Michelle Hayes to join us and left the kiddos.
We had a fun game night and checked out old town Frankfurt.
It was a fun get away and great to see Jenn.


Fun in the sun

 Justin gave me a lot of crap about buying a trampoline for one kid but I think we can see who else has fun on the tramp. Ha, and I totally got it for a steal -- $50.

                                                                       Sam, Owen Tracy, Cardon Vankomen, and Derik Tracy
                                                                            playing firemen!

July 4th in Switzerland and France

We took a trip with friends Chris and Erin Tracy and Eric and Andi Nelson to Switzerland and then Lake Annecy, France. Both are gorgeous places with lots of fun. It is sure fun to travel with friends. Kids are entertained and adults can have fun too.

"kase" is cheese in German. Swiss cheese station -- we turned it into our picnic cabin.

One of our favorite features in Switzerland is the endless fountains of fresh and FREE mountain water. If you haven't been to Europe you may now know that free water does not exist.  Gondola ride up, to hike down. An easy and kid friendly way to "hike" the Alps.
 Break in the hiking for a game of human chess! Yes please.

 The clouds were moving so fast. We got up in time to have the full view before the clouds moved in.

 This little one is a traveling trooper.

Justin had to go back to start his SOS class but we carried on with our friends. They were very kind to watch out for us and let us tag along.

 We had a royal July 4t…

Justin's SOS training

SOS, aka, Squadron Officer School is typically held in Texas. We had heard of families going to be with their officer during it. It is 6 weeks long. But, Justin had the opportunity to join in on the first InterEuropean SOS training which was held on Vogelweh - a base 20 mins from us. We were excited not to be separated and Justin thought it would be a neat experience to do it with officers from other European countries. It was. Justin was a busy those 6 weeks and it probably would have been easier for him to do it in Texas with no family to take care of but not near as fun. :) He did a great job and we invited his class over for dinner.

The class did get to go on a bit of site seeing tours too.