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Lenora 7 month glamour shots

Our 7 month old Lenora.

Glamour shots baby. :)

She has brought so much love to our home. 
She's easy going, lovey, and full of squeals (happy and sad). 
Lenora is full of emotion. She squeals with joy when I come in after nap time, get her out of the high chair, or big brother or dad come into the room. She lets out squeals of sadness when I put her in the high chair, set her down, or in the car seat when she's tired. Which she is tired more than I like, but what I can I say? She's kid number 2 and we're traveling Europe. Lenora snuggles with us and her Cutie Pie (stuffed puppy, named by Sam). She sheepishly dodges kisses from dad. Kicks her legs and reaches her arms out for any of the family .  She is caught yawning and rubbing her eyes when she's tired. 
She gives wide open mouth slobbery kisses to all family members but is a bit of a mama's girl. 
Whines are common especially when her toys keep getting farther away because of her backwards sliding. Or when she&#…

Random cuteness January

Random cuteness:

Sam had a big rash outbreak. We never did find out exactly what caused it.

President's Day

Yabadoo - President's Day fun - good family fun!

Valentine's Day

These two are in love. Sam let's us know he will be marrying Lenora. They are sweet on each other. It is so fun to see.

We received sweet Valentine's from grandma Della and grandma and grandpa Barfuss. 

Despite Sam's love for his sister he is also experiencing his first crush, Megan in our Joyschool group. It is so cute and funny to watch. He's so young!