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Our good friends the Zambrano's

The Zambrano's are leaving us all too soon! They are our military family. We will miss them dearly. Before they leave us we made sure to have fun. Justin and Josh wen to shooting and Mae Stevenson and I threw Melanie a baby shower for her and her baby girl.

My birthday

Robert, Stephanie and Justin surprised me with cake and a basket full of fun from the states. Thank you! Happy 28th! Yikes am I really that close to 30?


We then visited the Netherlands. We stayed at Duinrell Eurocamp where there is an amusement park and swimming. We went into Amsterdam where we went to the Anne Frank House Museum and toured Amsterdam. Of course we couldn't miss out on the Tulip festival

 Only in Amsterdam do you find pizza deliver bikes!

United States Air Force Captain

In May Justin promoted to a Captain in the United States Air Force. He has worked hard and done his very best. It's neat to stop and reflect on his accomplishments. He was able to do it with several of his coworkers. We have made some great friends and were glad to celebrate together. Way to go Captain!

 Funny story: Being me I asked Justin what I should wear. I should have thought about it, or asked another spouse. He said what I was wearing was fine. I showed up to be the only one not in a dress -- oops! Hello, Melissa, Service dress = Sunday/church dress. I'll get it right at his next promotion in 6 years. We live and we learn.