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Christmas was so magical!

Magical because all our kiddos believe in Santa and because they felt the wonder and excitement that comes when you give a gift. Where Sam is already questioning and pretty good at figuring things out, we're afraid he might not make it to next year still believing -- oh how I sure hope he still believes.

The night before Christmas Eve (Sunday) we ran to Dollar General for our family exchange gifts. I helped Sam shop for Dad and Justin helped Nora shop for me. It was so fun. I loved that due to our great procrastination it was kept real simple.

Christmas Eve started with church and what a great way to begin the Christmas celebration focusing on the reason for the season.

We did take time to make some sugar cookies for Santa. Not a real great picture of the kiddos but it was fun. I love the notes Sam leaves for Santa. He drew a map for Santa this year.

We had naps and dinner and then settled down for our Christmas Eve together. We turned off all the lights except the Christmas light…

Christmas is the best time of year!

Starting off the holiday right with Christmas shows in Branson right after Thanksgiving was the best thing ever. Got me right into the holiday spirit. I'm a real good procrastinator/a little behind the curve on most things; movies, holidays, what's trending, the news, pretty much anything. But the shows got me right in on Christmas! I just wish I would've started my shopping sooner to have more time to enjoy the good stuff.

Hot chocolate snowmen 

Sugar plum fairy and Soldier parading at the ward Christmas party - they loved their costumes!

 I got to help out with Sam's class Gingerbread houses
 We did have presents wrapped and under the tree fairly early and the kiddos didn't bother them.
 Christmas class party at Sam's school and the Squadron Christmas party brought Santa in a C130J with books! Nora wasn't sure she was a fan of Santa still and Sam was really eyeing up Santa I'm afraid he's already asking questions!

 We invited our good friends the …