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Monster Trucks

Thanks to Justin's sponsors - Jackson's Auto Sales - We had the opportunity to go to the Monster Truck Show in Enid. It was quite the adventure for our family. No, we did not last the whole thing, it was way past Sam's bedtime, but the first half was great! We went the week of Sam's Birthday - March 2013


I love Easter! It is a holiday of new life! Many baby animals are being born, plants are beginning to sprout and green up again
after the winter season, and we celebrate that we can live again because of what
 Christ did for us. What a season of hope! 
This year for Easter we read each day in the New Testament about what happened each day of the week before Christ's resurrection. What a good reminder. We also caught the tail end of the base Easter Egg hunt Saturday with our friends and neighbors the Zambranos. The week culminated with a wonderful Sacrament meetings and lessons taught in church Easter Sunday. A friend of mine mentioned how Christmas gets so much attention when she feels that Easter should get as much and more. I would totally agree! Her example had me thinking about how I can make sure to make the Easter Season a BIG deal for our family. Sam and I then celebrated Easter with my mom's side of the family the day after we arrived in Utah. They were so kind to wai…

Special Olympics - March 28th 2013


Sam is ONE!

The big day came and went and it's almost a month later that I am getting around to posting about it. Sam turned the ripe old age of ONE on March 27th! We kept the festivities fairly simple. I made him a cake, put up streamers on his bedroom door and some decorations over his eating corner. He noticed the decorations and quite enjoyed them. We enjoyed a special play date for him and a pinata. We sang him happy birthday and let him dive into the cake. He swear that he knew it was his special day - he was so happy and photogenic all day!

He was rather timid with the cake. He didn't like the icing on his hands, apparently too messy for him. He fed it to Justin, but once he hit the cake part he was all for it.

I can't believe our baby is growing up so fast! It's crazy to look back and see the changes. I soak in every hug he gives me, because I feel like someday too soon they will not be as freely given. I love this little guy so much!

Happy Birthday SAM! WE LOVE YOU!