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Solo Video #1

This is before he left the hangers, when he started up the motor for the 3rd time and gave all the proper hand signals, performed checklists and such before taxiing.

Solo Video #2

I didn't get the best video, but am glad I got something. :) This was a big and exciting event for our family. Justin does love flying, especially on his own. This is Justin leaving the hangers for the runway. I could not get closer to the runway and so this was about as good as I could get.

Justin's SOLO!

Justin flew the T-6 all alone, no instructor in with him to take over if needed. I really tried not to think about the "what if". Justin's instructor also assured me as I watched him taxi towards the runway that the solo is for confidence purposes only. His IP (Instructor Pilot) was nice and seemed to smile a lot as he watched Justin go through the check lists. I was so glad that I had not missed this chance to see Justin drop off his IP and taxi away to fly solo.

I almost missed him. One of his classmates had helped me find his tail number and brought me out to watch for him. We stood there for about 10 or 15 minutes and thought we had missed him. We went back inside, but I decided there was no point for me to sit or stand around inside if I could do the same outside and possibly see Justin. I headed back outside. No more than a minute after I stepped outside I saw his tail number 820 Blue. Wow! That was a blessing.

It was a beautiful morning for a flight; clear skies, …

Sam's First Bike Ride!

Last Saturday Sam went on his first bike ride. It was another larger purchase of ours recently - but totally worth it! We love the outdoors and being active. This allows us to do both all together!

We just can't get over how cute Sam looks in his helmet. He didn't care for it at first when it was falling down over his eyes, but after a few adjustments it fit like a champ and Sam seemed to quite enjoy the ride. It was great weather for a bike ride.

Sunday Cookout

Being in Oklahoma with over 100 degree weather for most of the summer and no mountains to escape the heat, we haven't done any camping. Since September came the weather has sure been nice. This particular Sunday, September 30th, the weather was amazing! It was as if the rest of the world was on pause. It was the perfect temperature and there was absolutely NO wind. We enjoyed a cookout at the base park; hamburgers on our little camp stove and Justin and I played catch, something we haven't done in a long time. I was quite rusty.  It was wonderful; a perfect Sunday afternoon together. We didn't want it to end. 

6 month old fun!

Lately I have been having a hard time not stopping everything and just playing with Sam all day. Every stage of this little guy's life has been amazing, but I have to say I am really enjoying this stage. When Justin gets home I give him a little Sam report and often share videos that I have taken of Sam. I laugh through each of the videos again, even though I did the recording and probably watched it before I showed Justin.

He is catching on to the attention he gets and thoroughly enjoys it. He is quick to give smiles to his dad and I and will give a smile to any stranger when they stop and talk to him. Our grocery store trips are an exciting adventure for him.Right around his 6 month birthday I put him in the cart for the first time - a whole new world for him!