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This is the toy I'm definitely going to have for our kids!! Maps, it's all about maps!! Check out this little one year old and how much geography he knows, plus he's real cute.

Justin and Melissa's Love Story

We knew each other in PineView apartments but did not do much until the end of the year -- Cardboard box, hobo sleep over, Games on Sunday, and Western Swinging on Wednesday. We then split for the summer. About one month before school started I happened to be on Facebook and Justin's profile picture came up on the side. I figured it would be a good idea to do something with him when I get back in case something good might turn out. This was after I Facebook stalked him for a bit. I invited him and our friends Trevor Park, Brittany Swainston and Sami Rose to the Box Elder County Fair, which I happen to love.

From there we took turns inviting each other to
fun events. Volleyball, night games, dances, and peach milk shake making nights. I wondered if Justin would ever ask me out, and he wondered if I still had a boyfriend. We had fun despite the clueless relationship.

Justin invited me to Homecoming but I had to say no. I had already been asked on a date. I was super bummed! I plopp…

Our history with dancing lately

Justin and I happen to both enjoy dancing, especially with each other. Our first kiss happened after a great night of dancing. This semester we worked our schedules to be able to take the Intermediate Western Swing dance and are learning some pretty great moves.

This past weekend we made sure to take advantage of the Friday night I had off work and went to Homecoming. We hit up the actual homecoming dance for a bit, but then decided to support our good friends Paul and Matt's Mobile dance. They told us how rockin it was and so we decided to ditch the homecoming dance. As we headed towards the fountain where they said it was blasting, we saw several couples talking sweet nothings to each other, and then ..... yep, Paul and Matt, sitting together on the cement wall. As we walked up with Ivan and Monica, the party began. We started at the fountain on campus with the 6 of us and worked our way dancing with a sweet boom box to all the sorority houses, laundry facilities of apartments, a…
October 7, 2010

Justin and I are sitting at our kitchen bar both doing homework. Okay, I guess I'm doing homework, becoming familiar with blogs so I can do one as a teacher .. :)
We have now been married for over a month! It's been a blast and yet so busy.
The time has flown by, I still have not officially changed my name, am insuranceless, and we're just starting to send out our thank yous to all those who have been so generous.

So, you may ask, what have we been doing...? --let me update you

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:
5:30 am - the alarm goes off!
By 6 am, Justin is working out at Airforce PT, and I'm on my own jog to the temple and back - okay, some mornings I sleep in til 7
By the time Justin gets back from PT, I've showered, read some scriptures, gotten ready or made breakfast
8:00Am - suppose to have eaten breakfast, packed the lunch and be ready to leave the house so as not to be late for our 8:30 classes, eh, but we're definitely late sometimes
Justin has …

Two Week Anniversary

This is a pic from our honeymoon - beautiful country up in Island Park and Yellowstone! We had a blast!

Justin and I have been married for two weeks and are loving it. Yes there is a lot of learning and adjustments, but it is so worth it. Most of the adjustments we find ourselves laughing about.I'll share a quick story.
I grew up in a house we used outside cooling as much as possible. We opened the windows up each night and closed them in the morning. The more the windows the better the airflow and the cooler the house would stay for FREE! One night I went around doing my normal routine of opening all the windows. About thirty minutes or so I was clueless when Justin went around closing all the windows. A few minutes later I thought to myself, "I thought I opened the windows, hmmm, must not of." Yep, I went around opening the windows again, as I was doing so Justin asked, "Opening the windows I just shut". When I realized this it all made sense and we had a good…