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Christmas Day

The day finally arrived! What fun it was. Spoiling alert! SPOILING ALERT! And yes I blew the budget again.

Christmas preparations

Before Christmas:

Adorable kids who steal my heart and I have a hard time not spoiling!

 Santa Claus visits! Lenora was not a fan. On the other hand, Sam was prepared with a handwritten list of his wants. Santa has a tough job this year

 I previously sold our 220 extension cord, thinking we didn't need it anymore. Oops, we couldn't hang lights outside, so we decided to hang them inside instead. The December nightlights.

 Saint Nicholas day -- December 6th! When the German Santa Clause leaves a surprise in your shoes if they are left outside.

Ward Christmas party -- surprise! We get to see the Jolly good fellow again.

 I bet you can't guess how much we paid for this Charlie Brown Christmas tree. And it looked worse before I did some clipping and zip tying. Ha, I was alone with two kiddos and not wanting to make anther stop.
 Play days

                                                                            We announced our baby -- coming May 19th!

Joy School Christm…