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Our time in Utah before Germany - May- June 2014

As Justin flew to SERE training, Sam and I flew to Utah where we were welcomed and picked up by Mom and Dad Schmidt. We were excited to spend lots of time with family before making the far away move to Germany. What fun we had. Sam still asks to go to Utah. He knows where his family fun is. :) Prepare yourself, there are lots of pictures! We hit the "This is the Place" park with Melanie, Brandon, Lily and Mom Schmidt. It was a great time, lots of fun for the littles.
Waiting to ride the train seemed forever for these littles.

Yes, we found water to play in. Yes, Sam did get stuck in the mud. :)

He isn't one of those kids who falls asleep in car seats. It's rare for this child. We wore this kid right out with all our fun.

Sam did pretty darn good adjusting to sleeping at different houses and in different beds. It helped that they were at Grandma's and Grandpa's houses.
Sam dug right in on the Schmidt farm.

We got to go swimming with Lauren and Riley!