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Sam's 3rd Birthday

Sam's good friend Levi Green's birthday happens to be a day before Sam's, March 26th. The smart mamas decided to do a combined birthday party, the two boys were exstatic and the moms were glad to share the work of it. :) I learned a lot from my good friend Deniene of how to throw a good party for kids. Levi was turning 4 and Sam 3.

 Balloon relay


 Cakes, candles and Ice Cream
 It was a successful and chaotic party to say the least.
 After the party we let Sam open his present from us ..... it was a GREEN balance bike!! We took it for a ride right then.
Doesn't he look good!

Mom and Sam date

Most of our dates are pretty simple, like going to the park, burger king on base, or watching a movie together, but this date was a bit more exciting. We hopped on the local train to ride to and from lunch.
 The dates have evolved from when dad leaves to once a month. :)

Yes we have a live fire beside us and a fresh tulip in the middle of March, thank you Paradox!

Switzerland - temple and sledding March 2015

We got to attend the Bern, Switzerland temple, sleep at the hostel there and then hit a sledding hill the next day. 
We got to enjoy games with our friends after our kids were asleep. It was a neat experience to mingle with the LDS community of Europe. 
Bern, Switzerland temple  This was just one view of where we were sledding. We happen to love the Alps!  More views Doesn't he just look like a hard core sledder? Ha, I couldn't help but snap a pic. And yes that is the only sled we brought (the red one). 
Jessica Larsen, Erin Tracy, Mandy Baron and me. What a fun group to go with. Thanks for letting us tag along! 
Leave it to Scout Master Nate Larsen to hook us up with easy mac before the kids crash in the car on the way home. They were experienced and knew just how to avoid Switzerland's expensive food. Yes, he brought the stove to heat up the water.  It was a very fun trip!! 
Sam's favorite part was falling off the sled with dad.  The sledding wasn't for the ligh…