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CHECK THIS OUT! This is out our kitchen window. I went to get a drink or something and what did I see around 9am Saturday morning.... this was a couple of weeks ago, but I had to share.

I do love that we have some kind of scenery out our window. In the spring and summer our neighbor has a beautiful garden there. I hope to learn some good gardening from our neighbor. :)
To catch up: Today Justin and I slept in, oh how I love the weekends for that. We then played racquetball and basketball. We snuck in some homework and then attended Stake Conference adult session. I was reminded how God is very aware of me and Justin. I cannot comprehend how personable God is, and love how individual the gospel is. I am so grateful for the gospel. I know God loves us and is aware of us. I know He answers prayers, for mine were answered through God's inspired leaders. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us!
Life is wonderful! I am so grateful for the peace the gospel brings into my life.…

Spring 2011

A new semester, and my last one. Whew! Justin is applying for internships and I am getting my application and such ready to start applying for a legit teaching job! Holy Cow, time flies. I have loved all my years in college, but am so excited to graduate!

This semester we have budgeted -- ha ha, very eye opening and we've stuck pretty close to our goals. :) We have also gone swimming, played basketball, watched educational movies ( for my student teaching :),registered Big Blue, and thanks to Papa and Jake Barfuss - they fixed it right up. We have paid back our Christmas coupon on deep kitchen cleaning and we've watched a few fun movies as well.

This semester we leave before 7am every morning and often do not see each other until 5 or 6pm. Long and productive days, but I'll tell you what, we are ready to hit the hay pretty early any more. Go ahead, call us old fogies. We have had some nertz competition lately and guess who wins?... yep me! All the other games we have pl…

Christmas Break!

It's a new semester and I am so behind on the blog! You can tell I am new at this.
Here's an update!

Christmas break was wonderful. We had lots of time to spend together and with family.
We had Grant, Sydney, and Raegan over for two nights - whew, we sure had fun. Went sledding, swimming at Crystal Hot Springs, played raquetball, but their favorite activity was staying up til 2am to watch movies... ha ha - Justin and I couldn't understand, sleep is so wonderful! We also had one crazy good pillow fight, we all ended up ganging up on Justin! Picture on right - ignore the wrong dates -- grr.

The kids also helped us deliver the 12 days, good times. My heart gets a racing every time.
We went out for a horse back ride with Grandpa and Uncle Jess - yes our bums were a little sore afterwards, but what a fun time and Box Elder County is beautiful, the view from right behind Grandpa's house! Didn't take any pictures, dang it!
We spent Christmas at the Barfuss' - slept …