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Cousin fun!

On the way down to Salt Lake as we talked about the time we had left until our little boy will be here and also the very real possibility we will be several hours away in Oklahoma as early as May .... Justin said, "We have to be remembered as being fun!" So, we decided to host a cousin sleep over -- we did ask Richard and Jo permission to allow the kids to trash their house for a night -- they were very gracious and were a lot of help.

They came over Sunday night - we played "get to the top of the stairs with pillows being thrown at you", and "hide and go seek". We then made the girls' beds upstairs in the TV room, with the boys in Justin's room downstairs. We read stories to fall asleep --  thank goodness for Sydney's great babysitting experience and expertise -- with her back scratches and my reading we finally got all the girls asleep (I think 10 of them). Don't worry, Justin was reading to the boys - Grant and Kyle were ou…


Justin thought this would make a great blog post! So I think I was cleaning up after breakfast Sunday morning and I slid the 18 egg carton onto the floor.... aaaa! Justin came running in, "What?"! We just had to laugh. My grocery budget mind hurt a bit -- so many eggs I just lost,  but the laugh swept that thought away pretty quick.. I make messes in the kitchen all the time, but have to say this is one of the better ones. Justin held me back and cleaned it up for me. So good to me.

Air Force -- Bring it on!

Lately we have been feeling more a part of the United States Air Force, we realize it will be a big part of our life for quite some time.

We will be moving to Oklahoma anytime between May and next February, for Pilot training and then be contracted, moving about every 3 years, for the 10 years after that. Some where in there Justin will be deployed. There are pros and cons to being part of the military but Justin and I are ready to face it together with our little boy whatever may come. We have a deep desire to serve and defend our blessed country and yet we have started to feel the military's control and influence in our life. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but something to get used to. I definitely am gaining more and more respect and reverence for those who have and are serving in the military. It will be quite the ride -- but we say BRING IT ON! We know God will be behind all parts of the plan. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have as members of Christ'…

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day! 
I surprised Justin with his favorite Cold Cereal in the morning for breakfast - Waffle Crisp and Reese's Puffs, along with hearts in each of his binders/notebooks and he surprised me with flowers and a basket full of all my favorite goodies -- he really did good. The flowers lasted longer than the Oreos and licorice he gave me. mmm, mmm, so good --- not so healthy. :)

We enjoyed a heart pizza from Papa Murphy's and then went and watched "The Vow".  It was NOT a disappointment. I loved it! I loved how it was about love in a marriage -- seems so rare these days. What a beautiful story of love. Marriage is wonderful --

Justin and I are happily married. The longer we are married the more I fear his deployment, death or any separation! I thought we were good friends when we got married, but truly we have become best friends! He makes me laugh everyday, lets me cry in his arms -- even when I have no explanation as to why I am cryi…

FHE - February 13th

Justin gave a wonderful lesson on the Old Testament book “Hosea” – I had no memory of the story. Hosea, an Old Testament prophet was commanded to marry a harlot, Gomer. A little interesting and controversial, but keep reading it gets better. They get married have two kids and then she leaves him and goes back to her harlot ways. Despite everything Hosea continues to love Gomer and ask for her return to him. Take a minute to think about it …..
Now relate this relationship to us and God’s relationship. Often times in the scriptures the relationship of us (members of the church) is the bride and Christ and our Heavenly Father are the bridegroom. Despite our desires and actions that take us back to our ‘harlot’ ways, unfaithful actions and thoughts towards God, he continues to love us and wants us to come back as Hosea loved and wanted Gomer to return to him. Think on that ….. What a beautiful love story – After being married, that relationship and love means a little more to me now, a…

Pregnancy Update

4 weeks before this little guy gets here... he better not be late... and I am feeling more pregnant each day Just a few affects of pregnancy I am experiencing lately: groaning when I get up off the floor, or out of the car bumping into walls finding myself not fitting through those corners I used to fit through changing my workout because of belly bouncing too much or awkward pains not being able to STOP eating – I guess I am “eating for two”  rubbing my belly my bum hurting after sitting in the same spot for a while – I am definitely all about finding a comfortable place to sit sleeping with a pillow between my legs - but still sleeping through the nights, yeah! waddling, or at least feeling like I am Timeline of exciting preparation happenings before the arrival of this bundle of joy: Used Stroller and New Car Seat purchase! – Ogden, Utah – February 3, 2012 Barfuss Baby shower – February 11, 2012 - We are so blessed! We received such wonderful gifts from those we love. Thank you for…