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Fasching Parade in Ramstein

No need for Halloween in Germany, in February they have Fasching. This is when Germans dress up and attend parades where candy is given out. Sam and I tested out the Ramstein one. He wanted one of these vests from the store so he could dress up like a firefighter. He was wearing it when we saw the firemen! We had to go over and say hi. My 3 year old was getting me out of my comfort zone.

We were both chilled to the bone before the end of it. The sunshine was deceiving. We were not dressed for the occasion. We went home and had some warm hot chocolate to warm up.

President's Day trip to the Black Forest

President's Day trip to Felberg.

 The drive wasn't too long but Sam took a nap anyways.
 We got there in the dark but wanted Sam to have some sledding fun right away. It gets dark way too early in the winter time.
 Outside our hotel! It was a tranquil village in the Black Forest with beautiful scenery.

 After getting dressed we hit the slopes! We bought a day pass and took turns between sledding with Sam and snowboarding at the ski resort.
 Sam was ready to try out snowboarding, no hesitation or fear. :)