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Date Nights

Lately we have been swapping babysitting nights with our friends the Kellers. It has been fun to date each other again. A few times we have pulled out the first date questions we always use to ask and be asked back in the dating days, fun to remember but so grateful to have each other. One of the more adventurous days Justin took me to try out my first real golf game -- with a golf cart and all!

And I had a few good hits -- it was encouraging to see that our practice at the driving range helped me to not completely hate my first game. Oh, and I only lost 1 ball. :)

Packages in the Mail

Living so far from family makes the packages and letters so much fun. We thank our families for thinking of us so often!

Thank you Jo for the delicious corn
and thank you Mom for the goodies and both of you for the books and such for Sam.

This is the first package Sam has really got into - or I guess that I have presented to him since he is sitting up more and more on his own.

Check out this cute little guy!

The Schmidt Home

So, we have lived here in Oklahoma for almost 4 months (one month we were gone) and I can say I have finally made it the Schmidt's home. It isn't much, but I have so enjoyed it! It has been up for a couple of weeks now. It feels good to have the unpacking done, but it feels even better when it's got personality. I'm not the best photographer, but this is what I could do to show it off. :)

The Hallway

 Samuel's Room

 Our bathroom

Looking back out the front door -- the master bedroom is still in the works :)

RAIN and 70 degrees --- What?!

Oh how I have missed the rain. I love my sunny days, but oh how I love it when it rains too! Oklahoma is having a 2nd year of terrible drought. Last fast Sunday the stake presidency asked us to all fast for moisture -- Heavenly Father answered our prayers. It came down so perfectly. Light enough that the ground could soak it up and over several hours. I'm sure the farmers are thanking Him tonight.  What a testimony that God lives, and is watching over us.

70?! I couldn't believe it. This is just the beginning. The cold front before the bigger storm supposedly. Wow, did it feel good. Sam and I started out the day with a run/walk -- usually he's in a onesie, but today I put some pants on him and took a blanket just in case. It was probably around 73 degrees -- unheard of here in Oklahoma since before June. It's struggled to get below 80 at night.

And then it rained!! I wanted Sam to wake up before it stopped so bad. I was tempted to wake him up. But I didn't. When h…

My Hubby's Gear

Justin came home today with his pilot's helmet and through the air tube said,"Sam, I am your father" It was fun to see how he will look inside the cockpit. Eek, He'll be there before we know it. This past week he started in the simulators (a practice cockpit that makes the real sounds when he pushes buttons or pulls levers - he says he'll take me one of these days.)

Sleeping Sam

Since learning how to roll over, we leave Sam on his back and come back to find him in his new favorite position. On his tummy with one arm underneath. Justin can't believe he likes it that way, he's sure his arm must fall asleep.

I did it!

I wrote the check and shook hands Tuesday noonish, it was delivered that afternoon! I have been shopping around for about a month and was so sick of shopping several times I almost settled for less. But I made the big decision, have played it everyday since and am loving it! I am so grateful Justin agreed to buy this even if both of our cars are out of date and worn out. The idea of having one excited me, but now that we have it, I have to say I am loving it even more than I thought I would. And it hasn't interrupted Sam's naps.

Here is a picture of our beautiful new piece of furniture!

Big Milestones for Sam

2 Big Milestones for Sam last week!

Rolling over (back to tummy): On Sunday we were at a BBQ with several of Justin's classmates and he rolled over! He had rolled over a couple of weeks before but not since. Monday he rolled over several times, I was watching and setting him up to do so as much as I could, and he continued. I think it was Wednesday night that he woke up twice screaming because he had rolled over on his tummy.
First Solids: 1st feeding: Thursday - August 2nd - I can't say that he actually ate it though. It was drizzling down his chin instead of being swallowed. He was trying to suck, but that action pushes it out of his mouth. This first time feeding he wasn't super hungry either.
2nd feeding: Sunday - August 5th - He was hungry this time and Justin tried different things in order to help him be successful. I thought Sam might be fussy or screaming because I knew he wouldn't be able to eat it as fast as he drinks his milk. (like 4 or less minutes on eac…
I LOVE being a mom!
Samuel has been a little more fussy lately. When I say fussy I mean when he's playing he does this sad tone of talking. It's really a pretty nice fussy and sometimes I might wait too long to do something about it because it is so nice. But today, once I got done watering our suffering flowers I devoted more attention to Sam. We watched the Olympics together, we danced, looked at our reflections, made funny noises, read a couple of books, and I told him stories as I folded laundry.  Then as the day went on I read about ear infections and found several symptoms that Sam has. We'll have it checked out tomorrow for sure. But I told Justin if Sam has an ear infection he is being extremely well behaved. Thinking that he might be in pain helped me have more compassion, and be all the more grateful for the smiles he still gives me each time I go get him after a nap. He was having a hard time falling asleep tonight and I decided, to heck with those books, I…

My first experience of UPT in action

So far the only thing I have known about UPT is what Justin tells me. But this last Tuesday, July 31 spouses were invited to their training. A couple wives told me it would be worth going to. I have to admit, I was disappointed. Justin takes stress and change well or something, because he gave me nothing to laugh about, or a reaction at all. He simple followed orders. I guess I should be glad he didn't go loopy or pass out and glad that he can handle stressful situations. Good work Justin!

Despite my disappointment, it was interesting to see the chamber and watch how they simulated the pilots going up to 25,000ft. A 1st Lt was kind enough to explain what was going on at different times. She got the conversation going when she said Sam reminder her of Sam - she has a 3 month old Sam at home. :)

Chatting with the other wives was fun and seeing them in their official gear was good. Overall it was a fun experience still.
We did bob Sam's head up in the little circle windows ever…