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Getting to and around Germany

The flight to Germany was quite the adventure. We flew from Utah to Baltimore, MD and then Baltimore, MD to Ramstein Air Base. I can't remember what time we left Utah, but I do remember that we left Baltimore in the evening. I was so hoping to get at least 4 hours of sleep in order to be able to be somewhat alert for the day we would have ahead of us in Germany. Justin and I were ready to conk out, but Sam fought hard for a good couple of hours. We got close to 2 hours of sleep. ha. Upon arrival we were all a little cloudy in the mind to say the least. We were in no hurry to get off the huge airplane. The line to exit the Airplane was one of many lines we would be in for the next 3 months trying to set up house and life in Germany.

Pictures from our flight:
 Doing our best to make the flight as easy for all of us as possible
We made Sam a comfortable 'bed' in hopes he would fall asleep quickly. But with the lights on and food being delivered, it was w/o success until the l…

Rough first week in Germany -- but can laugh about it now!

On Sunday we went to check on the yard sale page that we have been using constantly to look for cars and houses and found this: -- which I thought was awesome! I had great feelings about Germany and our time here --but as you'll read below, I haven't felt that all week. :) It's been a rough first week in Germany-- but I was reminded today God is watching over us.

Closed Sundays Wide Open Every Other DayToday is Sunday, the new official yard sale addict recovery day. We're all taking time away from our computers to enjoy the sunshine, life, friends, church, and our families.
If you are having a particularly difficult withdrawal day, here are the yard-sale-addict recovery steps:

Read a bookTake a long walkLay on your back and look at the cloudsMake fresh-squeezed lemonadeFind the big dipperPlay tag with your kidsPaint a picture with watercolorsCall a friend you haven't talked to in a whileCall your parentsThen, find more stuff to sell on bookoo!See you tomorrow!

Family Pictures - June 2014

We were able to do family pictures with the Schmidts before leaving. They turned out great. Thanks Laura for your good friend who did such a good job. Even though Sam was being a bit grumpy she was able to get him to smile.