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April -- Practically Summer!

We couldn't wait for the weather to test out our new tent! -- yes it is in our living room! Ha ha. No we did not sleep in it, the comfort of our bed was too much to pass up, but we set it up and tested it out for a nap. :)

Other things we have done lately in the warmer weather that I have missed taking pictures of are ....
BBQ's!! Justin and I have had a couple BBQs with friends, yes, even in the rainy weather. Fun times and you definitely can't go wrong with burgers and hot dogs.
Golfing - Justin found free golf lessons in Smithfield - so yes, I now know what a mulligan, par, and bogey is or refers to. I am just all golf edumacated now -- and you know it's pretty fun. We did get a free bucket of balls to go back, so hopefully we will go soon before I forget what I learned. :)
Air Force Dining Out! -- the picture -- oh that -- DANG it! We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Sherwood Hills among Veterans and fellow Air Force Cadets and Cadres. It was fun to dress up like a pr…

Sundays - my testimony

I love Sundays, especially fast Sundays. They rejuvenate me! I am so grateful for our ward, the good examples they all are to me. Several times during sacrament meeting I wanted to share my testimony about so much, but was feeling and learning so much more from others that I did not get up and bear mine, but I would like to now. Sunday School was about how Christ is the "Bread of life". He truly is! In sacrament meeting so many bore their testimony on how when we put Christ in our lives, our lives are so filled with love and happiness. I thought it interesting how many of Christ's disciples left after Christ spoke so much about Him being the bread of life. I think they accepted Him as a prophet, or holy man, but they did not accept Him as Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind. I think often we accept Christ as a good thing or as spoken of in "Believing Christ", we believe in Christ but sometimes do not believe Christ. I know Christ lives -- He came to …


This last week has been SPRING BREAK for me. I have enjoyed it but I am excited to go back to teaching. I realized that I just might miss the kids when I get done. Student teaching has had its ups and downs, but overall I have really enjoyed it. Thank you cooperating teacher for being so supportive and helpful. They have been wonderful.

I will return to teach the students for 2 1/2 weeks is all, then ..... dun, dun, dun GRADUATION! Now I just hope to land a good teaching job.
Things I have done during the break cleaned the apartment worked at GEAR UPstarted planning our trip to PERU!! - got some mean shots -worked out! Haven't done that in a while - want to keep goingread a good book "Teaching with Love and Logic" - still have 200pgs to goApplied for teaching jobs! -- what a projectSpent lots of time with Justin, even if it was just being by him while he studiedsent my little missionary bro some cookies!Enjoyed productive scripture study - need to continue!tried some ne…

Pilot School

Check out the handsome pilot! Woo Wee! Yes, this is Justin in his Pilot suit with his proud parents and wife.
Such a sharp and attractive man he is, and he's all mine! Justin has been accepted into flight school as long as he passes his 4 day physical this summer. :)
What does this mean for us? After he graduates next spring - 2012 - we will be moving to Mississippi, Texas, or Oklahoma. What's your vote? - we will be able to put in our preferences in the next month or two.

Snow in April?!?

No problem, we'll have fun anyways. This activity first started as Justin and I making a snow man with the girls, then Justin called on Mark and Nate to help him in building a large snowman. "Go big or go home" - a saying that might show up on our wall :) . Elsie did a great job rolling the middle ball, Justin did the base and I did the head. Is it coincidence that the sun came out right after the final session of conference? Hmmm. God is so aware of us and wants us to come unto Him. He lives! and I love Him! Peeps in the picture left to right (Nate, Elsie and Emma Anderson, Melissa and Justin Schmidt)

POC vs. GMC -- Competition -- Air Force

March 25th, 2011

Justin and I had a blast at the Air force POC GMC challenge. ("General Military Course" and "Professional Officer Course") Justin is a POC now. The GMCs and POCs have different game competitions to see who wins at these events. The games this evening included: ping pong, air hockey, crud(pool table game), and some kind of Nintendo game. I decided to tag along. I found out these competitions are similar to powder puff. Usually, if not always the POC win.

The top picture (3 girls) include me, Mandi, and Shaylee Kulikowski. Us girlfriends and wives hung close together. We had fun watching our men compete and getting in some good girl chat.
The middle picture (pool table) A POC team vs a GMC team for a game of crud. An exciting game to watch, and yes, the POC won! Check out the handsome guy in the white on the left, ya, he's mine!
And the final picture! Justin and I played crud with the other girls and their companions and then we played against …

5k - March 19, 2011

Don't we look snazzy! Or I think we look more like we just got done working out. The latter is true. The Air force put on a great 5k to raise funds for a family trying to pay for their baby boy's 3rd heart surgery. Justin slowed a bit down for me so we could run it together. So fun, although when we got there it was a huge long line and cold... and I was also still trying to get over a cold, I was a little bit on edge .. but was glad we went through with it.
I love my husband -- so good to me!