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Nashville, TN - January 30 to February 1

Justin passed his check ride with flying colors and he had a couple days off. So, we took the chance to go to Nashville, Tennessee! Our friends Trevor and Keely Park live there and we thought it would be a fun place to go see. Most of Justin's time off has been spent in Utah with family, which we love, but it was nice to be just the three of us

The trip was 5 and 1/2 hours - that's w/o stops. On the way there we made it in 7 hours and on the way back we made it in about 9 hours. Let's just say we're good to not have another road trip for a while. Sam was a champ despite the long time in his car seat.

 Our first stop was a science museum - we were there for 3 hours. It was fun for all of us.
 These are parachute men Sam could move up and have them fall back down by using pullies.
 Sam loved this T-Rex. It moved and made noises. Yes it scared him at first but Justin was good to explain it to Sam. Each time we passed it, which was often, we would be there for at least …

Presidents' Day hike

We hiked the Pinnacle Mountain here in Arkansas with our good friends Josh and Melanie Zambrano. It was perfect weather and amount of hiking with a beautiful view when we got to the top! It was a fun family outing. Justin had watched Sam during the day so I could go with the Sister Missionaries down town on their Preparation Day. It was fun to get to know them better and see some museums in Little Rock, AR.

Sam's Independence

Sam is becoming very independent. Here are a few pictures of him taking things into his own hands that I happened to catch on camera.

 The high chair was on the floor and Sam found it to be a great seat to watch some Football with dad.
 Our new fun game to play on Justin's phone is Bejeweled Blitz - a great time waster! Sam knows when we're playing it and climbs right on our laps to join.

And he doesn't worry about getting in the way while getting comfy. :)

Sam's first surgery - Jan 2014

My own son had a surgery before I did. We really didn't want him to have it unless it was for sure needed. After having fluid behind his ears for 6 or 7 months we finally did it. He looked so cute in the hospital giddup I snagged some pictures. They drugged him before going into surgery. It was weird and not fun seeing him all drugged up, but since having ear tubes put in his vocabulary has skyrocketed!

They had a fun toy room we were able to play in while waiting for the doctors. Sam was a champ through it all. When waking up from the general anesthesia they like them to drink something before leaving but Sam was mad and determined not to drink or even eat a popsicle before leaving. After 20 minutes of crying the doctor and anesthesiologist said, "Take him home" After coming home and taking a nap he was back to normal.

While I was out in the waiting room during the actual surgery I had the "what if" thoughts. Thankfully I had a friend, Julia, who's daughte…