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March 26 - He's on his way -- just not here yet

The dreaded lengthening of pregnancy happened for us! ~and we're doing great ~
The due date for our baby boy has come and gone with no baby. I'm a little disappointed but knowing that we will be induced April 2nd helps. I do hope he comes on his own, but am grateful to be dilated and effaced enough that induction wont be bad if we go up until then.

I took a picture of my pregnant self so our little boy can see what his mommy looked like right before he was born -- but I'll have to post it when I get the laptop, camera, and internet all together... can be a little tricky lately.

We had a doctor appointment today - I'm about the same, dilated to a 3 and 70, maybe 80 %, effaced. But our doctor did say he is quite surprised we made it past the due date. I have been dilated for a month now.

We talked about our induction date and then about stripping the membranes. I was a little worried it might hurt, but wanted to see if it will help the labor come one -- so we did it. He…

Engineering Lab vs. Hawaii

It's Friday night of Spring Break and we are sitting in the Engineering lab ...... Justin watching March Madness and me blogging.  Some people may think it's a little on the boring side, but I have to say we are both quite enjoying ourselves. 
As Spring Break approached we were under the impression that we just might be welcoming our baby boy sooner than later. On March 6th, I was dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced..... the Dr said he could be here in 2-3 days or 2 weeks. Justin and I had a couple of sleepless nights after hearing this. Jumping at any sign of labor -- makes me laugh now. 
The days have passed by with few contractions and no real progress. I have to say my emotions have been all over. At times I so want to be done being pregnant and have this little boy in my arms and then the next minute I am soaking up the time Justin and I have left to easily (well 9 months pregnant easily) hop on the motorcycle for a ride up town. After reading, learning, and practicing for la…

Justin's dream come true

Justin and my first date was out to dinner and then painting bowling balls. Well, that was the plan until we found the DI closed before we could purchase bowling balls. A while back Justin found a bowling ball on one of our trips to the DI and bought it. We then were planning a date with our good friends, John and Mandie Fleshman and decided to paint and Justin was bound and determined to finally paint his bowling ball!

It always does a mind good to explore your creative side.

"It is a sweet thing, friendship, a dear balm, A happy and auspicious bird of calm..." - Shelly

1 Month before our baby is due -- my friends put on a fantastic shower for me! It was so much fun catching up with friends.

Justin decided me going out with friends is a great thing -- I come home really chipper!

It was a book themed shower -- I am so excited to read to our little boy. It definitely helped us get a good start on our Children's portion of the Schmidt Library. A special thank you Kaylee, Marissa, and Brittney for putting it on and thank you friends for coming!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.