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Think to Thank

What a wonderful time of year! At the beginning of November I told Justin that I was feeling quite grateful, which to be honest, in past years I often found myself feeling guilty closer to the actual Thanksgiving day because I had hardly given much thought to the holiday all month. It's interesting how pride can sure twist things. I forgot to be thankful for the next few days after that. I came back around, but didn't quite get this post up before Thanksgiving. As we enjoy our Friday after Thanksgiving I can't help but be so grateful for everything we have.Here a just a few things I want to specifically mention.

1.  I especially am grateful for the peace and joy that comes from the knowledge we have of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Who we are, where we came from and why we are here. Big changes along with unknowns are on the horizon for Justin, but because of the foundation we have in the gospel I can look forward with excitement and know that whatever happens, it will be o…

Go Aggies!

For all those years I was a convenient fan for the current school I was attending, I am making up for it now! This weekend we attended the BYU v USU Basketball game and the San Jose vs USU Football game. Before married life, basketball games caught my interest once in a while and football games, ugh not even a temptation, except for the big ones, and those I could only talk myself into maybe half of the game. But, this weekend I proved that I can be a dedicated fan too! Now keep in mind I did not say a hard-core fan. :)
Friday after work at 4pm I stood in line for basketball tickets until they let us in around 6pm, the game did not  even  start until 7PM! I have NEVER waited in lines to get into a sporting event, let alone for 3 hours. Oh how married life has changed me. Ha ha, Actually I think part of the reason why I was so willing to do this, is because our life as students is slowly fading. Technically I am no longer a student, but with the spouses card I can still enjoy a few st…

Happy Halloween

October 23rd we had the annual Grandpa Jess Birthday Party get together! I felt like it had been forever since the Daniels family had been together.  Not enough catching up happened for me, but it was sure fun to be around family and carve pumpkins. It helped me start to get into the Halloween spirit. Bummer that I did not take pictures at the party. But these pumpkins made me smile each day I saw them on our porch.

Halloween was so much fun when you were a kid, but as I have aged the holiday has lost it's excitement. For Halloween this year we happened to be in Salt Lake with the Schmidts. Justin was presenting his IHC idea and I had the day to myself. The Schmidt family gathered at the pumpkin patch for pictures before the night of trick or treating would begin. Those kids steal my heart more and more. Their costumes had me laughing and wishing I had dressed up. Laura and Steph dressed up fun with their kids and I lamely claimed I dressed as a student, ha.We sisters borrowed t…

We're Pregnant!

It's official, I have gained 15 pounds, and feel a little 7 inch, 10.5 ounce body kicking and moving around inside of me. We are going to have a little Justin and Melissa combination boy March 25, 2012! I am now 19 weeks and 6 days along. Saturday, October 29th, three days after experiencing the Ultra-sound, Justin and I were at our usual spot, studying at the dining table, when I felt a definite kick in the lower abdomen. "I think I just felt him kick" I told Justin. But later, I questioned myself. Sunday night we laid down to go to bed and I felt him again and this time put Justin's hand over the spot where he felt him kick too.My gut feeling was confirmed!  This last week has been fun as I have come to better recognize his movements. He has moved up in my uterus at times which feels quite a bit different. The ultra-sound technician commented on the active boy he was and now I'm feeling him more and more. I told Justin recently "We're just kids! It…