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Camping in November!

When we moved to Oklahoma I had no idea camping in November would be an option.. Apparently November and October are the best months to camp. So, the first week of November we did it. And we were so glad to be joined by our good friends, the Zambranos.

We left Friday about an hour after Justin got home. We were racing the sun to set up camp, starving while waiting for the tin foil dinners to get done and Sam didn't sleep through the night, but we sure enjoyed the get away and new scenes of Oklahoma.

We went to the Roman Nose State Park, just an hour South West of us.

It was a fun adventure. Camping isn't quite the same in Oklahoma as Utah, but we loved it ! We hope to do more of it next spring and fall.

Sarah and Sam

Sam loves seeing kids near his age, and he has especially become fond of our friend and neighbor Sarah Keller. The other day I was watching the two of them and couldn't help but snap a few photos. They are so cute together.

We're so grateful to have such good friends, the Kellers. It's a bonus that they have a friend for Sam to play with! As you can see Sam is always watching Sarah. :)

A different Halloween!

This year was a very different Halloween for each of us in quite a few ways. In preparing for it we had Sam in his costume a week in advance.....

 Justin and I attended a Halloween Party the Saturday before, helping us to have costumes ready

I was planning to have us dress up as a threesome, but Justin and I were attending the party without Sam. Next year we will for sure!

Can you guess who we are?

Justin, you can, what about me?

"Does Waldo have a wife?" Was the question I got most of the night -- ha ha.

I am Carmen San Diego, you know Where's Waldo and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? Thank you pinterest.

We were joined by our good neighbors the Zambranos and we thank the Kearns for such a fun party! There were a lot of fun couples costumes.

Tuesday, Oct 30th, I attended the Zombie Fun Run -- Walked the 1 mile with Minta and Jessica -- which was fun and entered Sam into the Costume Contest at the Fall Festival.

That night is when we discovered red dots on Sam…