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Dining Table makeover

Our good friends the Green family had outgrown their table and so kindly gave it to us. As Justin will attest to, I grab up anything that's free. I did the same here not fully thinking through what I would do with it. It couldn't be that hard to refurbish a dining table and chairs. Despite not having a plan we are happy to now have two electric sanders, a dining table with 6 chairs instead of 3 and we know more about sanding, painting, etc.

Here is a quick look at the process.

Step one: Clean
I scrubbed the table and chairs and pintrested (nope, not a word, but you get what I mean) to decide on colors

Step two: sand down table top and seats
Easier said than done. I was definitely not going to sand the rest. Justin was a big help on this part.

Step three: wipe clean

 Step four: apply stain
Step five: apply varnish to stain
Justin came in and saved the day on staining the table. I was not going with the wood grains because it was drying too fast. Together we got it done!

This to…