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Pilot Sam

Sam loves Justin's patches. He was playing with them as usual when Justin acknowledged that Sam's footie pajamas resemble his pilot uniform quite well. He put on all the right patches for Sam's pilot uniform. Made for some fun pictures! Sam has become quite fond of his father. He gives him the big smile as usual, but now reaches out for him and gives him wonderful hugs! He is such a loving boy. I am not looking forward to his reaction to Justin's 12 hour days and our leaving Justin for a week. It might be a little rough on us all. :)
Justin hits the flight line, next Wednesday - the 12 hour plus days will pick up again, ready or not here we go!

The Park - 11 month old fun

Going to the park with Sam has always been enjoyable, but lately it has become a lot more fun! Sam is a thrill seeker for sure!

What plane is Justin going to fly next?

The week before Track Select we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from the Schmidts! It was so fun having them in our home. We were able to take them on a short driving tour of the base, give them a chance to fly in a T-6 simulator, and visit the Cherokee Museum. It was a great way to relax and have fun before the next phase of pilot training came

I again did not take many pictures, but here is what I have.
Richard and Justin were able to go see a T-6, T-1 and T-38 up close. It was rather cold and so Sam and I, later joined by Jo, went to the car. We had a jam out session and Sam got to play with all the buttons and knobs.

We are so blessed to have such supportive family. We love getting to see them whenever we can!
 The Schmidts were here from Thursday night to Sunday.

The Day: Monday, February 11, 2013
Track select was a day full day of fun events. The Instructor Pilot's and their spouses provided us with breakfast. We had a chance to take pictures by the T-6, and I got t…

January fun

These are a few happenings in January. Our little man Sam has me running most of the day!