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Schmidt's and Bear Lake! - July 14th

14 adults + 16 kids = 4 hours to eat breakfast and arrive on North beach when we're only 15 minutes away and a ton of fun!

Even if it did take us a bit of time to get from one destination to another, the trip was fantastic! We ate great food at every meal, had a fabulous Friday on the beach with wave-runners, sand, water toys, snacks, and lots of fun people, then finished the camp out with a bike ride and raspberry shakes! - What more could we ask for?!
Check out those cute little girls, and that very attractive beach babe!

Summer Reflection

Being jobless and in a town where I do not know very many people there have been a few self pity parties. For the past 7 or so years I have had a schedule to keep. This summer is very different. I have not gone as crazy as I would have predicted but it has been an adjustment - This is why journals are so good for me - As I reflect on my experiences, and account for my life I often can see God's hand ever present. He helps me see my many blessings. I feel so ashamed for having pitied so. What a wonderful summer it has already been. We are so blessed! I am rejuvenated. People have done so much for us and God has blessed us so much, I hope I can give back.

I will remember my camera, I will remember my camera,,

The Barfuss Campout for the 4th was wonderful with great food, family and fun, mostly fantastic family!!
Richard and Jo Schmidt came down to check out Vernal and found it quite nice. We took a great tour of the Flaming Gorge Dam -- cool stuff!

Both times I forgot my camera and therefore there are no pictures. :( -- I will remember my Camera

The Boy Scout Adventure -baby bum smooth feet

I learned what it was like to be a boyscout and I happened to quite enjoy it.
We planned to bike up to Oaks Park Reservoir and about 2 miles in we came to a washed away bridge. I was thinking that we would just have to turn around. This thought had not crossed Justin's mind. To keep this short and concise the adventure went something like this:

Scout out and discuss possible options
Climb side of mountain
push fallen over tree into river
it broke and got stuck
push a bigger fallen tree into the river
it made it!
carry/drag branch across the river to best crossing area - took a long time!
Justin bravely crossed first
Find another stick to make bridge wide enough for Melissa to cross
threw in river
floated to other bridge
wedged into place
Melissa crossed!!
Justin brought one bike over
Melissa was in middle of bridge to steady and offer support
the process was repeated

This whole adventure took about 2 1/2 hours and we had scrapes up and down our arms along with soaked feet, but …

The First Annual Justin and Melissa Schmidt Family Campout

Ask Justin, I go a little crazy when we talk about going camping! I love it! Justin's passion is mountain biking and mine is camping/boating!! We combined the two and it turned into the best Justin and Melissa Schmidt Campout yet! Check out our very own Justin and Melissa Schmidt tent.
Stay tuned....I will post pictures and a description of our river delay/boy scout adventure on the bike ride.

Demolition Crew!

In all my imaginations of what I would do this summer I did not see myself working along side two sisters over the age of 74 demolishing and rebuilding a basement! The leader of it all is Janice niece and daughter of the crew. She is remodeling her whole house and is incredible to take on such a project. I admire her. This picture was of the first day eating lunch after a good morning job. Today was my second day. I had fun ripping everything off the walls and measuring and putting up Sheetrock. I do my best to stay up with these ladies, they are tough girls! I have learned a lot and sure enjoy their company.

Bike Boo Boo

Justin received a surprise Mountain Bike for his birthday and it has renewed his passion! We go on bike rides often. Justin's experience of biking in the city and alot was completely  different than mine on dirt roads/sidewalkless streets in Tremonton. This will help explain what happened. :) We were riding back from our trip to the computer lab, and Justin challenged me to try hopping the curb (something I should have learned a long time ago, but because of my quick thinking abilities I have always found ways to avoid them so far). So I took on the challenge, Justin coached me really well and I went for it. He had assured me I couldn't crash (at least that's what I had told myself). I was taking it nice and slow. I popped my tire up but it came down in the only place that could send me over the handle bars, right in front of the curb! Ha ha, I can laugh at it now, but it was a little traumatizing for me. :) Justin felt really bad and took good care of my wounds. I have a…

New Camera!

Yes, we did get a new camera and look what it can do!
So I thought I had lost our brand new camera last weekend on our engagement anniversary hike up the Wellsvilles, when really I simply had forgotten where I put it. How grateful I was when we found it even if we did not get any pictures of the trip :( The Lord truly does watch over us.

My Garden Dream Came True!

Our first day in Vernal was a Thursday, we moved into Ardith Atwood's home the following Monday and it did not take me long to notice her large, already growing garden! Because of my hope and dream to plant a garden this summer had not yet come true, I was so grateful and excited to see her garden. I then only hoped she would let me help. She did! She is so kind and good to us. I don't know how we lucked out so much to be living with her. Here is a picture of the Spinach I helped her plant in the first few days we were there. (the rest was planted)