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Our 1st Anniversary!

About a week before our anniversary Justin asked if I would like to be a part in the planning. Without hesitation I said,  "Nope, I'll plan it next year". So, on our anniversary I picked Justin up at Hill Air Force Base and we headed South. I couldn't believe it when Justin took the Price/Manti Exit - okay, so I had a hunch. I have on more than one occasion told Justin I needed to take him to Ephraim to show and tell him about the 2 years I spent down there. They were hugely formative for me, kind of like his mission was for him. We traveled to Peru already, so I guess it was my turn. What a sweetie! Oh wait, we took a little detour in Spring City -- oops, Bed and Breakfast not there, --- then to Ephraim. The W. Pherson Bed and Breakfast was an historic home full of antiques, quite a fun house to stay in and we had the house to ourselves!

Friday evening: We ate pizza in Layton before we left, checked in and broke into our cake as an afternoon snack, I took Justin on …

We ride in style!

Justin and I made our first major purchase as a married couple just two weeks ago! We decided buying a motorcycle would for sure save us on gas, time, and therefore money! It was a logical decision right? Ha ha, don't let us fool you. Justin has wanted a motorcycle since he was in high school and I have to say I love hanging on to the one I love for a joy ride at dusk. I love feeling the crisp summer air as the sun is setting --- oh ya, one of my favorites! So, yes, we bought the motorcycle for fun!

I made sure to have insurance started and driving test arranged for when Justin got back into Logan. He took the test first thing and then, we headed to the DI for some kind of helmets. (yep, still penny pinchers)

What can we say, we ride in style and love it!