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Our life with an almost 4 year old and 6 month old

Sam recently became aware and excited about super heros! He wanted a cape and my attention, so we cut a quick one out of what fabric I had. No sewing involved. :) He loved it! I forget how content kids can be with very little time and effort.  I ought to do things like this more often. His imagination is running wild and I'm loving every minute of it. I just hope I haven't diminished his imagination him being our first kid. The poor guy is my guinea pig, and like many I learn as I go, mostly through my mistakes.
I sat her up and was in awe that she was sitting up and so big! I had to snap a photo, okay 4 of them.

 What an amazing amount of love this little lady has brought and continues to bring into our home.

Sam is a great helper and excited to teach Nora all he knows.

Sledding in Austria - 2nd attempt

We took another trip to Austria -- gorgeous and the sledding was awesome! It was a long ride, 10 kilometers, long enough our bums were sore from riding. The pictures don't do it justice. We traveled with our military family Josh and Melanie Zambrano.

This was a fun place we tried tubing. They had a very nice groomed trail with railing all along. It's a safe and fun way to go tubing.