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Christmas 2014

Having mom and dad Schmidt visit us for Christmas was heaven on earth. This was our first time NOT traveling to Utah to be with family for the holidays. We were so excited when Mom and Dad Schmidt decided to fly to us.

Being our first Christmas at our own home, we were a little caught off guard with what our own family traditions are. It was fun and good for us to put thought into it.

Justin was able to take leave and we traveled before and after celebrating Christmas.

We picked up mom and dad at the Frankfurt International Airport and took them to the Frankfurt temple and the Frankfurt Christmas market. We stayed the night in Frankfurt.

Sam thoroughly enjoyed the rides! He was young enough he could have ridden the same ride over and over and over again. We were constantly telling him this was his last ride, doing our best to avoid a melt down. He did fairly well considering.

Loved the trains


 There was a nativity scene, delicious mushrooms, the usual brauts on bread,…