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Kids have Christlike love

A few random photos. I am so far behind on the blog and scrapbooking that I am posting this two years late and so looking back at these photos helps me see how fast the time goes. I do remember the love Sam had for Lenora and because of it the love she feels back for him. It really is something to watch the Christlike love children have.

 Our park across the street is closed, but because of a house being built we had a huge dirt pile to play on for a few days. Oh what fun!

On my own with TWO kids!

Dad left for a work trip the same day we took Grandma Barfuss to the airport. This was the real test. Could I do two kids alone for 2 weeks?! We survived. I have learned to plan fun for us all even though most of the time I would rather just be home. We got out and went to a safety day at the park where Sam got to see firetrucks, police cars, etc. Justin reminded me the main focus is to stay alive. I don't need to stress about the house or getting anything done. We did okay, I'd say. I'm sure I wasn't as nice as I should've been all the time with Sam but we did fine and had a little fun too.

Grandma Barfuss' visit

How excited were we to have Grandma Barfuss visit!! Having just had a baby I was awful about taking pictures. Most of these were taken a couple days before she left. Grandma Barfuss stayed with us for 2 weeks; not near long enough.

 Sam loved getting anyone wet, but cried if they got him wet back.