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Goal Accomplished!

This summer I really wanted to get some canning experience in. My mom taught me well while growing up that canning can be fun, but quite the project. Although, before wanting to do it on my own, I could care less about how the whole process works. All thanks to friends and family who let me tag along. I really did learn how to can and have food in my cupboards and freezer to prove it. The test came when my dad and I canned peaches and pears. This time I came with how the process should go. We did it, with only one shattered bottle -- ha ha. Thanks dad for the great day canning! Haven't tasted them yet, so I hope they turned out. :)

Fall Outings!

At the beginning of the semester, even with Justin's busy schedule, because he prioritizes his time so well and likes to have fun we were able to have some great weekends. Yes, I'm playing catch up.

1. Sept 10-11 Mountian Biking with Jason and Natalie Pemberton and our two new friends -
We enjoyed s'mores around the campfire, a night in the tent and then mountain biking in the morning. Thanks to Jason's SUV ride up the mountain, my first experience with Mountain Biking was all downhill!! Thank goodness. I enjoyed it, even if I was tense with my hands on the brakes the whole way down. Justin told me I shouldn't be relaxed while mountain biking. I don't know if that made me feel better or not. :)

2. Sept. 23-24 Canoeing with Bryce and Kaylee -
Justin and I have been wanting to go canoeing since last year and could not pass it up with the $20 student discount at the ORP. I was in charge of the planning..... that could be scary. Bryce and Kaylee agreed to a Friday a…