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Simple indulgence!

When I grocery shop I usually pick one item as my "indulge" item. This week it was Chicken Nuggets! I really haven't had many cravings during my pregnancy, even with my appetite being a little off. But one thing has been fairly constant; food I loved as a kid sounds good anytime, anywhere! Ramen Noodles, Mac and Cheese, hot dogs, meat and cheese sandwiches, you know, the good old basics when you were a kid.  As I walked around the grocery store I remembered back to when my mom would ask me what I wanted for my Birthday dinner and year after year there for a while it was chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and green beans - what a treat it was! I introduced and relived my Birthday dinner with Justin this week! Hmmm, hmmm, and it sure hit the spot. Thank you mom for all the Birthday dinners, what a fun tradition. I always feel extra special on my Birthday.

Welcome 2012!

Yes, we were in St George as we welcomed in the New Year! Kaylee did a fantastic job covering our trip on her blog if you want to check it out! It was such a good time, so here goes my version.

 We arrived near Zion's National Park on December 30th after driving close to 6 hours.  After checking into our hotel, we drove through the park and because we still had daylight decided to do a short hike.
Here are the two happy couples. :)

 We enjoyed a royal dinner out at Olive Garden before returning to our Condo for the evening. Watched movies until 11:45 ish when we watched the ball drop and went outside to send our poppers flying. We came back in to toast to the new year!  New Years Day started with church and then lots of games -- basketball, tennis, ping pong, Foosball, shuffle board, and pool.

Thanks Roholt's for the fun!

Returning from the trip we enjoyed a week of little work and no stress and then we were ready to go back to real life. A great Christmas Break it was! Our l…

Christmas Break!

So far behind on my blog? ...Our neighbor's moved out a few weeks before Christmas break which was sad to see, we do miss them. And because of this we canceled the internet deciding it was too expensive on our own. Since not having internet I have hardly been on, I barely check my email close to 3 times a week. But I would have to say not having internet has been a blessing in desguise. So much time can be spent on it, and now I find other things to do, but I do miss blogging. I suppose my posts will be to the point and farther apart. I hope this post makes sense. :)

We started the Christmas Break with a trip to Boise, Idaho for the Potato Bowl! Go Aggies! Grrr, that we lost in the last 13 seconds, but it was an exciting game and a fun road trip. We drove there and back in one day ..... whew, lots of driving for sure.
I had work up to Wednesday, and we headed down to Salt Lake City for our first Christmas party of the year Thursday. Justin cooked, cleaned, and shopped in preparat…