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This is the toy I'm definitely going to have for our kids!! Maps, it's all about maps!! Check out this little one year old and how much geography he knows, plus he's real cute.

Justin and Melissa's Love Story

We knew each other in PineView apartments but did not do much until the end of the year -- Cardboard box, hobo sleep over, Games on Sunday, and Western Swinging on Wednesday. We then split for the summer. About one month before school started I happened to be on Facebook and Justin's profile picture came up on the side. I figured it would be a good idea to do something with him when I get back in case something good might turn out. This was after I Facebook stalked him for a bit. I invited him and our friends Trevor Park, Brittany Swainston and Sami Rose to the Box Elder County Fair, which I happen to love.

From there we took turns inviting each other to
fun events. Volleyball, night games, dances, and peach milk shake making nights. I wondered if Justin would ever ask me out, and he wondered if I still had a boyfriend. We had fun despite the clueless relationship.

Justin invited me to Homecoming but I had to say no. I had already been asked on a date. I was super bummed! I plopp…