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Ruby Lou Schmidt

Ruby Lou Schmidt You have arrived!  May 13, 2017  6lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long 

You're birth story. I woke up feeling like I wet the bed. I lied there and more came. I went to the bathroom and got moving around. I felt more come. I thought, maybe my water broke? But I wasn't sure. I googled it, waited, and paid attention to the liquid coming out until I was pretty sure it was my water. Your dad was at work. I called the hospital and let them know, they said I should get in. So I called our neighbors the Drydens and asked if Sam and Nora could go play at their house I was pretty dang positive my water had broke. This was the first time my water broke first. 

After I dropped up Sam and Nora I called your dad on my way to the hospital. I told him the contractions weren't too bad so not to rush, but he rushed anyways. I got checked in. I explained my water had broke and my deliveries usually go fast. They said the doctor would be right in.

Your dad showed up shortly after I g…

Slowing down to enjoy moments

Now that I just blogged the year and half I hadn't blogged in 6 weeks I'm finally caught up and can really have fun with the blog. Justin commented my posts at first were lots of words, few pictures. Now they've changed to lots of pictures and few words. Hopefully I can do a better job keeping up and balance it out. Ha, but time will tell.

Most of the time I'm trying to get other things accomplished while taking care of kids as they demand or need it. The past few days I have taken a few moments to do something with my kids. It's been good. I need to do it more. I'm blogging about it so I don't forget that I did do it sometimes. I also hope blogging and pondering about it will help me to do it more often.

I don't know what has caused the slow down. Maybe because I'm 9 months pregnant and tired. Or maybe it's because I know I'll be more stretched out with a newborn any day. I only have a short time left with just two kiddos. Maybe because it&…

Parenting memories. Good and bad

As I go through the house trying my best to do as much as I can now to help us have less to do after the baby comes and before the move I've come across a few items that have jogged parenting memories - mostly bad but looking back I can see the lessons I've learned from it, so good? Looking back they exhaust me. Being 9 months pregnant could be adding to the exhaustion.

Sam and I were talking about how long we've lived here in Germany by counting his birthdays. We've been here for his 3rd, 4th, and 5th birthdays. Sam's 3rd year was tough -- that makes it sound like it was all him. It wasn't. Our first year here in Germany was tough all around.

I did not adjust well and was a new mom of a 3 year old! I thought the 2 year old was suppose to be the hard year. ha, I was a new mom for sure.

Anyways, here are the stories with pictures to help jog the memory.

Yes, we have a box next to our toilet and we've used crinkled toilet paper and tissues out of it for 2 mon…