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Justin's IP school and trip to Utah

Justin has worked so hard and done well here in Germany flying the C-130J. He got selected to attend Instructor Pilot School which is in Little Rock, Arkansas and for 6 weeks. We decided to make it visit with family so we could be together as a family more and in case we got stationed in Japan we would be able to see the family at least once this year.

It was a blast as usual with the family!

Justin did a week with us 4 days with each family and then the kids and I did 10 days with each family before flying out to be with Justin for 2 weeks in Arkansas. We then returned to Germany together. I could not have handled two kiddos on those flights alone.

 Sam watched 4 movies. Nora watched maybe 20 minutes and slept about that long too. Justin and I were swapping off with her the rest of the time! Jacob and Lenora became instant friends. Nora has been saying the name Jacob now months later.
 We got horse riding in, thanks to Grandpa Jess.

We snowmobiled to a cabin for an adventure with …