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It's a girl!

We're having another baby girl in May! Sam was a little disappointed and I was a more shocked than I thought I would be. I made cupcakes with the frosting colored inside for Sam and Justin to bite into.

Lenora has no idea what's coming.

We are excited for the new addition and feel blessed that both I and baby girl are healthy.

Welcome 2017!

At this point we are saying, "this is our last New Year in Germany." or "This is our last ___________ in Germany". Knowing this has helped us really live it up. The Malan's were so kind to host New Year's fun too.

In Germany New Year's is better than the fourth of July in the states for fireworks. Their laws are not as strict and therefore anyone can buy awesome fireworks. The village of Katzenbach did not let us down. It is a sight to behold.

We put the kids down for bed while we played games and then woke them up shortly before midnight and all the fireworks. Sam was not happy. We tried to get him to go outside to see them but he was distraught and refused.

The kiddos did get play time before bedtime.

Welcome 2017 - We look forward to it, whatever may come!