March 26 - He's on his way -- just not here yet

The dreaded lengthening of pregnancy happened for us!
~and we're doing great ~

The due date for our baby boy has come and gone with no baby. I'm a little disappointed but knowing that we will be induced April 2nd helps. I do hope he comes on his own, but am grateful to be dilated and effaced enough that induction wont be bad if we go up until then.

I took a picture of my pregnant self so our little boy can see what his mommy looked like right before he was born -- but I'll have to post it when I get the laptop, camera, and internet all together... can be a little tricky lately.

We had a doctor appointment today - I'm about the same, dilated to a 3 and 70, maybe 80 %, effaced. But our doctor did say he is quite surprised we made it past the due date. I have been dilated for a month now.

We talked about our induction date and then about stripping the membranes. I was a little worried it might hurt, but wanted to see if it will help the labor come one -- so we did it. He stripped them really good and was a little surprised by the bleeding, but all is well and it did not hurt! Now we will wait 36 hours to see if it helped. :) I feel fortunate and blessed for the doctor we have. I have felt comfortable enough to explain everything to him as well as ask any questions that have come up. Thank you Dr. Carlson.

Our Lamaze class has been wonderful, thanks mostly to our instructor. Helen has the perfect balance of seriousness and humor to teach the class. We laughed a lot during class and had important things to talk about after each class. Tonight was no exception. I am glad we were able to attend the last class even if it was past our due date -- I was a friendly reminder to the 9 month pregnant women that the due date can come and go without any baby.

Today we have received many texts from family and friends asking about our baby as well as letting us know they are thinking and praying for us. We appreciate all the love and support.

The next post should include a picture of baby boy Schmidt! 
Woot Woot! 
(or I just wont blog until he's here)


  1. I am so excited for you! Good luck!

  2. Bah!! I can't wait to meet that little man! :) Good luck!


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