Moving fun

While we were getting ready to move, our house was kind of boring without Sam's toys and our furniture and such. Lucky for us we had made great friends in Arkansas. The Zilinski's lived just next door. I was able to take Sam and Ana to the Library, the BX for lunch, and we hit the zoo on our last few weeks before leaving. We had been to the Zoo with Ana several times. Sam loved riding in her wagon. She was great to share her toys.

 Sam could be entertained by a construction site all day long. He still cried when we left.
 Ana had a horse -- oh Sam was in heaven!
 Checking out the Lion at the Zoo.

 We went to the bowling alley with the Zambranos and Sam obediently stayed behind the line, at least for several minutes. Then he saw me watching him and he headed to cross the line. So mischievous sometimes.

 The Semi was ORANGE! Sam's favorite color. We ate breakfast while watching the semi.
 They loaded the semi on my birthday May 16th! The Zambrano's were so nice to have us over for dinner and surprised me with a present and a birthday brownie. So sweet. I still had a good birthday even if our stuff was all packed in the semi
 Survival time! Eating out of whatever we had. Ha ha, eventually we bought some paper ware.

 Dad and Sam mowing the lawn for the last time. It reminded Justin of a picture of him helping his older brother Ryan mow the lawn. He said he was in a striped shirt like Sam. :)

 Found tractors to sit on around base on our many walks while our house was empty.


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