Getting to know the neighbors

When we made our first move, I expected our neighbors to bring us cookies and welcome us to the neighborhood. After this did not happen I began to realize that I was surrounded by people who move all the time. Another spouse mentioned that she made cookies and went and introduced herself to her neighbors. Every move since, I have gone and introduced myself to the neighbors. For some reason, it helps me feel settled when I know my neighbors. Since we had apples on our tree in our backyard, I was excited to make Apple Crisp and took that too them instead of cookies. Sam has many grandparents next door. Across the street lives Maria, north of us lives a couple Klaus and Irma, and to the South of us Irmela. They each speak some English/broken except Irma doesn't speak any. A perfect opportunity to practice what German I do pick up. They are all so sweet.


  1. I was expecting the same thing! We were lucky and had two neighbors bring cookies, but a year later, everyone has moved away and I'm waiting for new neighbors to move in so I can bring cookies :) (However, Isaac did suggest when we first moved in that we go around and introduce ourselves.... but I was too scared)


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