Grandma Barfuss' visit

How excited were we to have Grandma Barfuss visit!! Having just had a baby I was awful about taking pictures. Most of these were taken a couple days before she left. Grandma Barfuss stayed with us for 2 weeks; not near long enough.
Snuggle time

Loved the company most, but the yummy cooking, helpful and extra hands was so needed. 

We didn't leave the house much but we had to take her to a Barfusspfad! Barfuss is German for barefoot. 

After walking through mud -- and it stunk. 

Fun in the backyard - water fight. 
 Sam loved getting anyone wet, but cried if they got him wet back.

Somehow I got in on the water fight

And of course got the most wet

until Justin allowed me to get him back. 

Grandma and Sam went for a run and bike ride every morning

We visited the cathedral next door

Justin and I got out on a go karting date, thanks Grandma for babysitting

 We celebrated Lenora's 1 month birthday with a cake! Why not?!

 I took mom to Strasbourg, France. We took a nice, but hott boat ride through the village. I'd feel bad if she went home without at least one trip.

 Grandma was all over Sam's bedtime routine each night. Teethbrushing, going potty, getting pajamas on, prayers, scriptures and stories.


  1. Oh my goodness! Brought back all those precious times. Love it!! 💘


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