Justin's IP school and trip to Utah

Justin has worked so hard and done well here in Germany flying the C-130J. He got selected to attend Instructor Pilot School which is in Little Rock, Arkansas and for 6 weeks. We decided to make it visit with family so we could be together as a family more and in case we got stationed in Japan we would be able to see the family at least once this year.

It was a blast as usual with the family!

Justin did a week with us 4 days with each family and then the kids and I did 10 days with each family before flying out to be with Justin for 2 weeks in Arkansas. We then returned to Germany together. I could not have handled two kiddos on those flights alone.

 Sam watched 4 movies. Nora watched maybe 20 minutes and slept about that long too. Justin and I were swapping off with her the rest of the time! Jacob and Lenora became instant friends. Nora has been saying the name Jacob now months later.
 We got horse riding in, thanks to Grandpa Jess.

We snowmobiled to a cabin for an adventure with the Barfuss'. Thanks to Pat and Gwen for letting us borrow their mobiles and for mom and dad coordinating. It was a fun get away. Mom, Justin B and Keenan all got sick, so the show was us with dad (Grandpa BArfuss), Craig, Jacob and Kaitlin. We had fun anyways.


 Justin got 2 Schmidt Sunday dinners in! We celebrated Luke's birthday for one of them.

 We played hard -- poor kiddo
 Ryan and Anna Schmidt kids joined us for no dish night Friday night and we invited the rest of the Schmidt cousins over to join us for our movie night -- Cars 2. Although, after technical difficulties we changed it to Rio.

 Playdates, playdates and more playdates!        Lenora thrived off Grandma Schmidt's cooking!

 We got to attend the twin's birthday party!
 And Brandon's Operetta!
 We also had a girls weekend. The boys had a boys weekend while Justin was in town too. They went skiing, golfing, and shooting. The girls did paint night and pedicures!

 I'm so lucky to have these ladies as sisters!

We bounced up to Tremonton for LeDoux's blessing and to visit Grandma Della in the Hospital. Went back to have a Valentine's/early birthday party for Sam with all his Schmidt cousins.

Grandma Schmidt sewed Brandon and Sam matching pajamas for their sleepover during the sisters weekend.
We had a fabulous time at the Schmidts. It was hard to say goodbye!

Jeona, Jami and I -- the three girl cousins were able to get together for a dinner. We chatted it up for hours. It was so needed and so much fun! Love these two ladies -- they are STRONG women who I look up to and love so much.

Grandma Barfuss got busy with the holiday preparations -- Valentine's Day sugar cookies!

                                                                                                    Snow fort


 Sam's solution to the cold tile floors. In all my years living in this house I didn't even think about solving that problem.
                                             Sam's photography
 The kiddos liked helping build the fires.
 Lazy day with Grandma and Grandpa

 A Family trip to the Elk Farm in Cache Valley for a sleigh ride.

 Grandpa Jess helped clean Nora's hands after her marker drawing two times. Silly girl.

 WE visited Uncle Craig in Logan where he showed us where he lives and took us on a tour of the campus. So many memories there. It was fun to tell Sam about where he was born and how Justin and I had studied, met, married and had a lot of good times.

Switzerland Fondue night



 Record year for snow in Tremonton and it melted fast. We called this Barfuss Lake. Sam really wanted to swim in it, until he realized it wasn't warm.



Four Wheeler rides 


We got to help Uncle Justin feed the cows! 


Valentine's Day party with Grandpa Keith and Grandma Cleo 



Family dinners galore! 

Early birthday dinner/party for Sam






The goodbyes don't get easier.
 Although we were excited to see dad again. Lenora now knows her Grandparents and is more engaged on skype. She cried the first time we got off skype after this visit.

 We had a park down the street from our place -- made for a great get out of the house event every day.
 You get creative or desparate when you don't have a car and very few toys. We had water fun  in the back yard with garbage bins and old (cleaned out) food containers, you teach your kids how to do dishes by hand -- this was all Justin, which Sam loved and now claims he wants to do dishes.
 We got to visit our favorite story time in Arkansas -- Jacksonville, Library and they remembered Sam frm 2.5 years ago. Seriously the best story time ever!
 We attended the base library Dr. Seuss party.We also checked out every Dr. Seuss book and read every single one. We did a lot of art work.

 We took the kids to the zoo and a jump zone! Spoiled rotten, but great family time.


 On our flight home, we got smarter -- used a little Melatonin. They slept for most of the flight! This flight was so much easier than the initial flight over to Germany.



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